lovely things #2

To get lovely things in the post is one of life's great joys.  Isn't it?

This week I had such a lot of joy in the post, this parcel was very special indeed.  It came all the way from Jakarta in Indonesia. All the way from flipping INDONESIA!!! Amazing.

And not only that but inside the box were lots of lovely little packages all beautifully wrapped up by my lovely blog friend Alessandra from homemade@myplace.

She not only sent presents for Elizabeth but for me and Tilly too.  We were all very spoilt. Tilly in particular was most grateful for her delicious bag of dog treats, she has gone from being the most spoilt dog in the world to the least in a matter of weeks and she is not amused!

Elizabeth got these beautiful booties, handmade by Ale, she wrote about them here in our very own post (we are like famous now and everything!!) and we love them.  I'm pretty certain they are way too cute for wearing, I'd be too scared of ruining them.

She also got the most amazing and pretty granny loveheart garland, I can't wait to get this up on her nursery wall - that is when Betsy allows me some time to do anything other than feed her, burp her and change her smelly (but dead cute) bum!

Right I'm off to cuddle my gorgeous daughter, I just wanted to take the opportunity to say a big, big thank you to Alessandra.  It really cheered me up to receive this box of love especially from someone I only know through blogging, it goes to show how wonderful the world is and I feel very chuffed to have a friend like Ale  (so does Tilly, she can't believe someone finally remembered her)!!

Sending kisses to Jakarta.


  1. i'm going to remember this post FOREVER!!!!
    i'm so glad that one day we "met" in Blogland...!!!
    Love to you, Betsy and Tilly
    P.S.: I'm so overwhelmed that I can hardly find the right words to say....maybe is this related to the fact that I'm not English mother tongue??

  2. What beautiful gifts ... the granny heart garland is to die for ... Bee xx

  3. Alexandra is amazing! All three of you deserve these presents!
    Keep brightening the blogosphere with your posts!! :)

  4. Ooh you lucky things! Lovely gifts!
    Victoria xx

  5. You lucky thing! Getting pretty things on the post is aways wonderful! xx

  6. Lucky you
    all your gifts are wonderful.


  7. How thoughtful of her, i will go and have a look at her blog now.

  8. gorgeous gifts and totally loving the booties and hearts.

  9. What lovely gifts....really love the hearts! Shari


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