lovely things #3

I'm officially devoting the month of November to being thankful, just like our American buddies but without the big turkey dinner....save that for next month.

What? what was that? But you're a vegetarian you say, yes well I think the baby might need Mummy to keep her strength up and turkey is fricking poultry gold isn't it!

We have been showered with so much love, affection and the most amazing gifts since Betsy's arrival in the world and as a devoted blogger (I have even learned how to type one handed with babe in arms!!!), I want to return the love and let those people know how much their thoughts mean to me.  I am unapologetic, just like Rihanna, only not quite so young and fabulous!

Things may return to normal come December but I'm not promising anything.

Lovely things #3 is devoted to my great bloggy friend Mirjam.  She has a wonderful, creative and crochet-tastic blog called Stins (her nickname), which I love.  Plus she is smashing, she wrote me a little note during my absence after Betsy's birth which really cheered me up and that meant a lot. A LOT.

Anyway lovely Mirjam, just like lovely Alessandra, sent me the most amazing parcel of love all the way from Holland this time....I opened it up and was greeted with hot chocolate (yum), a beautiful purple and blue flower brooch and Betsy got this...

....the coolest gift ever, the most colourful and pretty fish softie ever.  Betsy gets it waved in her face a good few times a day even though she has yet to focus properly on stuff.  I have to get the pattern from Mirjam and have a go at making one of these, every baby should have one!

A great big thank you and kisses across the Channel to Mirjam who has once again made me feel humbled by how great the blogging community is, so nice to feel so much love - and, you know, brilliant to get such great gifts too :o)


  1. Hello! I have just found your blog, and I love that gift...it is so colourful!!Lucky Betsy!

  2. Beautiful gifts Emma!

    Enjoy Sunday! :)

  3. Beautiful indeed!!!!
    After reading this post ( thank you for mentioning me again!!! xxx) I went to meet Mirjam: thank you!!
    xxx Ale

  4. What a wonderful and colourful fishy wispy. I agree every baby (and adult) needs one.

  5. The fishy is perfect! Restores your faith in humanity doesn't it, this bloggy community of ours!


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