tree #2

This is our real tree, our traditional and in the front window so it better look bloody posh tree.

And it is posh too, we got it from the Queen!  Yes the real Queen, only it's not her in her wellies and barbour stood in the cold doing the selling, bet she'd love it though.

This nordic beauty matches our house and is traditionally stylish in gold and bronze.  It is heavenly and smells of Christmas. I love it.


  1. Tree 2 is beautiful! I love the smell from them, really makes my Christmas :) x

  2. It's looks really beautiful, I love the smell of a real tree. Our tree still isn't up! We had to tidy alot of toys to make way for it and it's taken all day. With two little monsters everything takes sooooo long to do. Hopefully tomorrow we will get it done... Except I can't find my cd of Christmas music I do like to create the mood for decorating. Love you tree. I am glad you bubba is good my little one is 7 months now and eating us out of house and home. She does like her food... Alot very unlike her brother who refused to eat.

  3. We are getting our real tree tomorrow, yours looks so pretty.

  4. Great tree! we have two as well. A real, grown-up one downstairs and a fake kids one in my son's bedroom. Christmas is so much fun! And hello btw - found you via the Linen Cloud. Lovely to meet you x

  5. What a totally stunning tree!


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