crochet Christmas anyone?

I've been a bit scatterbrained of late and I don't mind admitting it.

That girl of mine just consumes me, I am totally in love and could spend hours, literally hours (I mean it) just staring at her cute face or listening to her coo and gurgle.  She is a tiny bundle of awesome.

Also, Christmas is happening and I love Christmas.

We are reaching Christmas crochet saturation point in this house especially with these crazy baubles which have been reproducing at a spectacular rate over the past few weeks.

I love them, they are pretty.

I would like to keep them all but I suspect that would lead me on the road to Grinch.  Instead they are all off to new homes, a big batch went off last weekend and yesterday and now we only have a few left - our baubletree is not looking quite so baubley this morning!


  1. these crochet baubles are so lovely and colourful!! really good to cheer up any christmas tree!!!
    many kisses to you all girls, xxx Ale

  2. Ow Emma, what a great idea! They look wonderful...
    Wishing you lots of cuddly time with Elisabeth; you are so right to enjoy all you time with her so much!!!
    Mirjam xxxxxx

  3. Very cute. Happy Christmas to you and your new family. Sarah x

  4. Oh, how great! I love them. I could see myself covering the whole house in them!

  5. Gorgeous decorations, Emma :0) Just saw your sweet girl! Ooooooooooh, how sweet she is :0)
    Wishing you and your Family have a Magic Christmas
    With lot of love from Russia
    Natasha & Fam

  6. Love your crochet ornaments, Emma!

    Merry Christmas!! :)


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