pregnancy at 40 weeks

AKA 'The one I didn't want to write'

It's not fair.  It's not fair.

Did you hear me????  I'm waiting!

Today is my due date.

Hello. Hello.  Are you in there little baby, can you hear me?  "Get OUT NOW!"

I went to see the midwife this afternoon.  This is what she said.  "Ooh your blood pressure is a bit high"...a bit high, I'm not flippin surprised.

Over the last few days, okay the past week, I've gone from being a blissed out mama to be, all swirly and ethereal (in my head at least), to a raging hormonal monster.  I mean a MON. STER!  I am angry at everything and everybody.  I even did a blog post on politics today...GAH!

I've gone from chilling out to classical and beautiful Satie Gnossiennes to playing really loud hardcore house.  I'll be listening to metal next so baby you better come out if you don't fancy a bit of Slipknot in your lugholes!  I mean it.

The good news is that the baby's head is engaged, this IS good news I'm told.  Also I'm sure the raging hormones mean it has to happen soon (right?).

Also, and this made me sick but happy, I did scoff a whole bag of Haribo that was stashed away in Mr P's hospital bag, even though as a vegetarian I shouldn't go anywhere near them. Damn and blast, for now I am surely doomed.

 ps. Tilly is keeping well away from me, I think she must sense the odour of mental instability!


So I removed the word verification from my blog a while ago.

I find them incredibly irritating and most of the time I struggle to read them, especially the numbers.  Some of those numbers surely can't be read by anyone, not even youthful, springy eyeballs with no age deterioration.  Surely not.

I thought that if I find them irritating then so must other people and so I switched it off.

I was warned that the consequences would be spam.

For a while it was tolerable.  This week it has gone insane.

No I don't want your thrush cream.

No I don't want to smoke your cigarettes - does anyone even smoke cigarettes anymore?

No I'm not clicking on your link for some chinese eczema miracle cream, or fibroids or diabetes.

Where do these people come from?  Are they even people?  How do they benefit from leaving these comments?  I'm genuinely interested, it seems so...pointless.

Thankfully most get scooped up by blogger and bunged in the spam folder but I'm starting to think about switching the dreaded word verification on again.


pregnancy at 39 weeks

Wishful thinking, but...

...I was kinda hoping that I wouldn't be doing a 39 weeks post.

However, there are no signs of baby coming out and this is in spite of my daily 'make the baby come out' activities.

These include but are not limited to:

  • jogging - well waddling quite quickly with the dog
  • sex - ha! not likely
  • hot curry
  • pineapple - eh?
  • bouncing - on a ball, I'm not mad
  • cleaning - well maybe I am a bit mad
  • gardening - I found one of the builders socks yesterday...how can you lose a sock? and,
  • hoofing huge amounts of food down my neck - you know, to keep my strength up during labour!

This hoofing of food has caused me to develop a serious addiction to Snickers, hope I get over it.   I even bought a four pack with my shopping this week - I have NEVER bought a four pack of chocolate bars before - and I'm not happy sharing them with Mr P either!  Pregnancy is a strange and wondrous thing.

top: gap    dress: dorothy perkins
I got the idea to tie my top in a little knot over my bump from the lovely James at bleubird.  Her blog is lovely and she is pregnant with her fourth baby!!  She has grown four babies and she home schools them too, impressive huh?  Every time I feel a bit moany and hard done by I pop over to her blog and remember that I'm pregnant with no small dependents, well apart from Tilly but she is not small, just a bit hairy and very smelly!

who me?

Mr P had to have a word with the builders and tell them politely to get lost after they spent all day fannying around with the heating on Monday (and still not fixing it), so they have been told not to come back until after the baby is born.

This is a huge relief and has meant that I have been able to relax a bit more this week, even if I am busy with 'make the baby come out' activities.

I've also tried to fit in some revision time as my final exam is on 11 October!!  Yes I'm planning on taking it, which probably puts me back in the mad category again.  I've arranged for a home invigilator so I won't have to travel and they allow a feeding break (for the baby, not me, although...).  So I'm hoping that aside from the massive amounts of revision that I won't do and facts about the two world wars that I won't learn, it shouldn't be too stressful.

Wishful thinking again.


Korres Jasmine Body Milk

Oh yeah.  I love this stuff.

Decided I needed to get myself some luxury body lotion for afterwards.  You know, afterwards?

After that thing that is about to happen but I still can't quite bring myself to believe it actually is going to happen and goodness knows how I'm ever going to do it!

Yes, that afterwards.

I figured my post-pregnancy body would need to be treated with huge amounts of love and attention, it has done an amazing job over the past nine months and it well deserves it.  I'm quite impressed really especially given the fact that I'm not quite as young and springy as I could be.

I knew I wanted something natural with no parabens or animal testing and Korres tick all the boxes - this time I checked and double-checked so I don't have to retract another post!!  They've got such a great range of products and (this is the best bit), they stock them in my local Waitrose...brilliant!!

Now this stuff smells divine.  If you don't like the smell of Jasmine then you're officially a weirdo anyway but oh my gosh, I just want to slather this all over so I smell like a beautiful flora beast!  It feels soothing and light and I can't stop using it even though it's meant for, you know, afterwards!

I really don't need new reasons to love all things Greek, I'm a complete addict anyway and we keep going back there every year and probably always will.  Everything about the place, the islands in particular, makes my heart swoon and stomach grow, erm this girl could eat tzatziki and pitta for lunch, swilled down with a tall glass of Mythos beer, every day of the year!!

oh, just the view from our pool, Corfu 2011

The Korres brand, products and completely natural philosophy just make me love it even more, they have a huge range of products that I can't wait to start trying and the nicest packaging and design ever - I know it should be about the product and not the packaging but I'm a sucker for pretty things and anyway the product lives up to the packaging so I'm allowed!!

Please note: I know I sound like an awful television advertorial but I promise you I just bought this and loved it so want to share it with you - all opinions are my own (and boy do I have a lot of them).  Does anyone else have a Korres love affair going on??  I checked and they do have a UK website coming soon but in the meantime you can get it from Waitrose stores or online at lookfantastic.com.


a precious heirloom for our baby

We were so overwhelmed at the weekend to receive this gift.

We had a visit from two of Mr P's Aunties on Saturday.  It was lovely to see them and we made cherry cake to celebrate, thinking they had just come for a natter and to make sure we were okay.

Whilst they did of course come for a natter, it turns out that they had an ulterior motive.  They completely surprised us, they were on a mission to deliver a family tradition and boy what an amazing family tradition it turned out to be.

This beautiful baby blanket is knitted!!  Knitted!! How cool is that!!  The one craft that resolutely refuses to be friends with me is the origin of this amazing piece of work.  I am gobsmacked.

I can't even begin to imagine how much time or patience or care would have been involved in the making of it, I just can't stop looking at it.  So beautiful.

Mr P's huge family is Maltese and every one of his cousins has received one of these baby blankets before the birth of their first child and at the weekend it was finally his turn.

We both get a bit emotional and tearful when we think about that, mainly because we never thought it would be our turn and also because it makes him miss his Mum.  Must stop now, tears are a-welling.

Instead I reckon you should just look at this knitted loveliness and be as amused as me at Mr P asking his Aunties on receiving the blanket "how did you get it to look 3D?"  Only from the mouth of a boy!


giveaway updates

I'm delighted to tell you that the new winner of the set of crochet love hearts is Aly from the lovely blog Aly and the Boos and I am today packing up the set of blue hearts for her and whizzing them all the way across the big sea to Massachusetts.  Aly is so excited because she has never won a blog giveaway before. Hurrah for Aly and long may her winning streak continue.

Aly was the second love hearts winner, the original one, Islay Lass, has disappeared from the world of blog and whilst I gave her almost two weeks to get in touch I didn't hear from her - sorry love, you lucked out.

I also haven't heard from Tallulah, the winner of the bow ring so if I don't hear from her by the end of this week I will do another draw for the ring too.  Blimey - you would never catch me slacking when a giveaway is in the offing!!

And on that note,  I was a winner of a giveaway this week and received a beautiful parcel of crochet loveliness in the post from Sarah at Squiggling About.  Oh my.  Words cannot express how great it is to receive a parcel of crochet loveliness in the post, put a big fat smile on my face all day so thank you Sarah.


a day all to myself

Today, for the first time in over three months, I have a day all to myself.

The builders have gone.

I am in heaven already and it's not even 9am.  Me and Tilly are upstairs in our jim-jams (well I am anyway), still in bed with a cup of tea and my laptop.

Last night we put the extra duvet on the bed for the first time and miraculously I slept all the way through the night for the first time in months and I feel refreshed and wonderfully happy.

Today I'm not going to do much, I'm going to take some pictures of our new kitchen and also do another draw for my August giveaway because the original winner, Islay Lass, did not contact me - this means that someone else will get a little packet of loveliness in the post instead so that makes me happy.

And that is it.



pregnancy at 38 weeks

Also known as the one where I look like a lardy!

I know, not very PC!! So shoot me, I quite frankly don't care anymore.

This is the moment, 38 weeks, well actually it happened halfway through 37 weeks when I sort of gave up and gave in to the frock of blousy billowingness.  I finally felt the need to waft about in a voluminous shift!

This is the moment when Mr P told me my belly was bigger than my boobs!

This is the moment when the angle of my belly made my dress stick out miles away from my body and actually made the people stare!  The people stared!! I am sad.

Although it is quite funny really, this rather fetching gap between my thighs and my dress (and quite cooling on what was a reasonable hot September day in Blighty!), and I have to say that this Jigsaw dress is not a maternity item so it is faring rather well given the circumstances.

So what can I tell you apart from to pray for me that this baby will come sooner rather than later.  I can tell you that:

  • We have the moses basket all set up in our room ready and it makes my heart beat a little faster every time I walk in.

  • I now waddle, this is the cause of much amusement.

  • I have to get up to pee at least two or three times every night (this is tiresome, sometimes I just wish I could wet the bed, I could potentially, right?)!

  • I am tired all the time, even when I've just got up for the day I'm pretty sure I could go straight back to sleep again, if only I had the chance.

  • I have swollen ankles and wrists - some of my shoes don't fit and I had to have an extra link put back in my watch at the weekend!

  • I can't wait to meet my baby!!!!!

love the pattern on this dress

I would like to have a rest but we are constantly on the go trying to get the house in order after the builders wrecked it built us a new extension.

The kitchen is in - YAHOO!!!! And we are so chuffed because it is really beautiful, can't wait to show you.  Before I do show off we are having to paint and clean and mop and clear up and fill cupboards and move stuff and buy stuff and nag the builders to clear up and clear off!!!

It's the nagging that tires me out (the bane of many a woman's life I know!), today they were in the house all day fitting the underfloor heating system and I was so tired and uncomfortable I just wanted to shriek at them to leave me in peace..."JUST GO AWAY, GO AWAY, CAN'T YOU SEE HOW PREGNANT I AM...GO. A. WAY!!!"

You'll be pleased to know that I refrained, Mr P was most grateful.  You'll also be pleased to know that pretty soon I might stop moaning and bitching, we live in hope at Blooming Towers :o)


crochet heart garland


I love the colours of this crochet heart garland and whilst it was fairly easy to make I made a right old meal out of doing so.

I don't know about "dedication's all you need" (if you want to be a record breaker), but my middle name on this one was "procrastination".  Boy do I know how to make a WIP painful!  It might have been something to do with the crazy whirlwind that is our life at the moment but when I pick up my crocheting at night I would always pick up something other than this.

Anyhoo, after much humming and hawing, I finally finished it and in time for popping up on the brilliantly, brightly painted, hated by Mr P, yellow chimney breast in the baby's room.

I don't know about you but I'm thinking yellow is a good thing, especially with that colourful heart garland set against it.  Just waiting on finding the right picture to go on this wall (I'm torn between two different ones at the moment) and I've got a lovely little set of brightly coloured letters to go on the mantelpiece, nearly getting there for baby (with all of two weeks to go)!!

The colour I used is Farrow and Ball Yellow Ground, don't all rush out to buy it at once now ;o)

The pattern I used for the hearts is a bit tricky and it wasn't until I got to the second to the last one that I realised it was wrong and how I could fix it....I am such a durr brain!  Here is my advice for Row 5;  it says to make 2 trebles into the first chain space, 3 trebles into the next, repeat one more time and finish with 2 trebles again but I found this just looked funny so for my last two hearts I added an extra set of 3 trebles* and it turned out a whole huge bit better.

Glad I got there in the end, it made the hearts so much prettier to look at, flatter and much less 'crumpled' looking - which is the only word I can think of to explain what the other hearts look like close up, this pink one is the last one I made so not crumpled at all.

To join them I just used a single crochet through the top, didn't do anything fancy, don't think it needs it.   The wool I used was from my Mum, I think she got it free with a crochet magazine.  It's a bit squeaky in the way that only good, cheap acrylic is but I think the colours are perfect and who cares about the quality of your fibres when they are slapped up against a (delightfully pretty) yellow wall :o)

What do you think?  Garlands? Thumbs up or thumbs down....I was on the fence but now I'm converted.  Yellow walls?  I didn't need converting on this one, I love yellow!!

Have a great weekend everyone.

*2 trebles ch1,  3 trebles ch1, 3 trebles ch1, 3 trebles ch1, 2 trebles....etc


Tilly is a love

That face.

I am so in love with my dog it is untrue.  Well that is when she is not running off with other people and/or dogs - then I don't love her quite so much, in fact, then she makes me cross.  She is particularly fond of our builders, they all spoil her and never tell her off so it's not surprising is it!  Fickle!

She is as grumpy and fed up with the building work as we are and I feel so guilty that I'm not able to take her for the big forest walks she was used to before pregnancy and building work took over our lives.  I can't wait to get back to that again.  She deserves the best does our girl.

Photo courtesy of Mr P
She does have a garden again though, well kind of, it sort of looks like a rubbish tip at the moment but we have doors and a fence so she can go and play if she wants to.  Hurrah!

Did I ever tell you that the vet said she didn't have hayfever - bang go my doggy diagnosis skills off the internet!

She didn't know why Tilly's eyes were a bit weepy but she thinks it might be the halti that we use to walk her.  It looks like this...

Not impressed!

It stops her from pulling and of course she doesn't like it and pulls anyway but if she pulls to hard the halti sort of tilts her face to the side and goes up into her eyes. Ouchee! It sounds really mean but honestly it isn't, nothing happens if she doesn't pull...honest!

Anyway, we have decided to try walking her without the halti but only once I'm not pregnant anymore because she is strong and pully and if she sees something she quite likes (squirrel, pigeon, leaves, sexy black Labradors!) then I've got no chance!

Right I have to dash off and attempt to clear dust and dirt from the house so that we can have some dinner tonight.  We went to the hospital to have the baby turned today and I was sort of pooping my pants about it.  Got there and baby had turned already....hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!! I had a cry and some celebratory Victoria Sponge cake and everything :o)

Now it's just a waiting game.


August giveaway winners

Hello everyone and I hope you are having a great weekend.

My first ever giveaway finished last night and I picked the two winners this morning using that really cool random number generator.

Here are the numbers:

It's a bit hard to see but the first randomly generated number was 20 and that corresponds to Yvonne at Islay Lass.

Congratulations to you lovey, drop me a line and let me know what colour love hearts you would like me to send and let me have your address details asap so I can send them out to you.

And this one, for the pretty bow ring was the number 6 and that corresponds to Tallulah Moody at Belleza.  Hurrah!  Tallulah, get in touch and let me know what colour ring you would like me to send for you.

Congratulations to you both and thanks to everyone for entering and making my first ever blog giveaway so much fun.  I would have loved for everyone to win something woolly and scrummy but alas I would be crocheting to the end of time if I did so you'll have to settle for me maybe running another giveaway with a festive flavour towards the end of the year (I just nearly mentioned the C..mas word!!!  I know it's September already but that is outrageous!!


I have written to Tallulah and let her know about her ring but I can't see Islay Lass on my blog list anymore and her blog seems to have disappeared.  If anyone knows how I can get in touch with her please let me know and I hope she sees this post.   I'll give her seven days to respond and if I don't hear from her then I'll pick another winner.

Thank you again lovely people :o)