crochet flower garland

So, you know, I finally decided to get off my backside and do something with these gorgeous crocheted flowers.

It was time.  I made them, well I blogged about them, in May last year so yes they have been sitting in a box waiting patiently for their day.

Well their day has come, the waiting is over.

I turned them into a flower garland, no great creative shakes over here today....a garland is about all my baby-mush brain can manage at the moment.

The flower pattern is super easy, and the flowers could be used for all sorts of projects, I think they were originally designed to be appliqués, but I'm not really into the whole appliqué thing - most likely due to the fact that I don't know how or what or indeed why!!! The yarn is Rico Design Essentials Cotton DK - it's quite slim and shiny and makes the 3D of these flowers stand out. Real pretty huh?!

I did however manage some creative appliqué with Betsy's head.

She was not impressed!

Both of us have been full of cold this last week, not helped by the sodding snow.  Yeah, yeah, it's pretty and stuff but it's cold and slippy and I absolutely will not drive in it (after one too many 'stuck in the car on the motorway' moments) and have I mentioned that it's cold. Hmph!


  1. Dear Emma, what a beautiful garland! I really like those flowers, I've never seen them before on anyone's blog. Looking good on Betsy too , but doesn't everything look good on her ? ; )
    Like your new lay out /banner! Lots of love from Mirjam.
    ( Who is also a little bit fed up with the whole snowy thing)

  2. I love it! So sweet and happy, it looks perfect strung on your fireplace.

    xox Lilly

  3. nice nice garland Emma!!!! I love how the flowers' centre pops out!!!!
    Betsy is lovely, too!!!
    xxxx Ale

  4. So very lovely ... the flowers are very cute the way they pop out ... and I love the colours ... Bee xx

  5. That is beautiful! thank you so much for sharing :) I can see you'll be making lots of flower headbands for Betsy in the future and when her locks of hair grow- you'll adorn her with flowers :)

  6. Gorgeous garland. I'm setting up an easy shop when I have a few bits to sell too.
    Betty is super cute.
    Hope you are all better soon.

  7. What a gorgeous garland.Im also suffering with a sore throat cough and cold I have not been able to shake it off.Im on the mend but it is so tiresome coughing and blowing your nose all day.Get well soon

  8. It's really pretty Emma, yet another reason for me to learn to crochet, or maybe I should just buy one from you ;)

    I predict Betsy is going to be well supplied wit hair ornaments as she gets older!

  9. This is adorable!! I just learned to crochet but I don't think I'm good enough for a project like that just yet! I just found your cute blog! I'm a new follower. Hope you'll stop by sometime!


  10. Hi Emma!
    The garland looks so good on the fireplace! Miss Betsy is so pretty!
    Enjoy your Sunday. :)

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