knitted snood

Why does snood rhyme with rude and not wood or good??

I might affect an affectation and start calling it a snood (as in wood) - this does not come across well in the written word so you may or may not see what I did there.

I'll get my coat.

Knitting it is then.  Been busy at it recently because I've discovered that:

a. I can actually do it, and
b. I really quite like it even though it makes my fingers hurt, bleed some and now picky calluses have turned up - must mean I'm a pro-knitter now?

So this snood was found on the guardian website and is designed by Jenny Lord.  Well it's actually called a chunky cowl but I like snood better and cowl makes me want to call it Simon and that will never do.

I love it.  It looks like this on. You are only seeing my chin in this picture because I didn't have my face on and quite frankly my dears you do not want to see a forty something mother of a six month old with no face on.  Really you do not.

Eh it's quite nice isn't it.

The first one I made was for my bestie's birthday.  Made it in black, as she is a tres chic mademoiselle, gave it a little grey stripe and ooh la la it's quite nice.

I loved it, hope she did too.  Her boyfriend rather helpfully said a mini skirt was a highly inappropriate present for mid-March!...he just doesn't get it, he is a boy.

The wool I used for both is Sirdar Big Softie, which is lush but not as lush as the Blue Sky Alpaca yarn suggested, I think I'm going to treat myself to some and make another couple of these snoods with attitudes!  The needles were 12mm and I did loads of cool stuff like k2tog and ssk - yep, yep, I actually know what this unfathomable code means! 

On another note it would appear that I'm on a new blogging schedule of 'once a month if I can be arsed'...hmmmm not so great but stuff is crazy right now, baby's growing, house needs some cleaning, final exam's a coming and Kourtney and Kim Take Miami is on the telly...busy, busy.


  1. It's beautiful Emma! Nice chin for a 40+ mother ;-)!
    (your words...;-) Good luck with your exams and see you next month!
    Love from Mirjam.

  2. Hi dear Emma!!!!!
    you snood is pro (like my teen would say!)!!!!!
    Your little girl keeps you busy....enjoy these moments!!!! I would love to see how much she has grown!!!! and how is Tilly???
    love, xxxxx Ale

  3. Good luck - it's the telly too! Your knitting works look great - like that stripe of different color... it's adding the right touch... enjoy and keep your humour! Christa

  4. Love it! Good Luck With Your exams.
    Great blog, so I'm a New follower on GFC =)

  5. Emma!
    So great to hear from you! I hope everything is going well!
    Good luck with your exam!

    p.s: i've never watched the Kardashians, but I'm really into the Real Housewives. (hahaha) On Monday a new show premiered on Bravo; it's called the Newlyweds and it follows couples during their first year of marriage... (Hahaha)
    Also, whenever you have time, write back and tell me about Breaking Bad! I can't wait for the new episodes! And what about Game of Thrones?


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