oh my cuff!


I've never made anything of my own design before.  Never been interested as I like following patterns and seeing projects come to life, bit of a paint by numbers girl at heart.  I don't really feel creatively minded enough to actually think something up in my own brain, design it and make it.  Not for me, no way, nuh huh.

And then a funny thing happened. I was making something else totally unrelated (a collar, my fetish continues) and part of the design included a pretty strip of stitches.  As I was hooking I thought "hmmm that would make a pretty cuff", then I thought it again, and again and finally I stopped what I was doing and just bloody made it.

Just like that, after all these years the Nike slogan finally makes sense.

I am, as you can imagine, pretty chuffed with myself.

I used some Rowan hand knit cotton, which in all honesty I wouldn't use again because almost immediately it looked a bit worn and flattened, know what I mean? So not good for something you want to wear and wear. Discovered that if you use mercerised cotton it give a much better and longer lasting finish - love its shiny, shiny, lustrous loveliness.

My favourite mercerised cotton is Rico Essentials Cotton DK, I used it here and then I used it for these bad boys.

Mucho, mucho better in shiny, shiny stuff eh?

Can you see the difference when they're compared to the stodgy pink cotton one?  Sounds like I'm alienating old fatty pink boy but I've worn him every day since making him and he's my first so has a special place in my heart.

I think I'm going to do a tutorial for them in the week so watch this space.

Anyway, Eurovision is on so I'm going to have a beer and wave my flag for Bonnie.


  1. You are right Emma!!! The shiny ones are just gorgeous!!! But I love the hot pink one, too!!!! That colour is so yummy!!!!
    happily waiting for your tut!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  2. Love it, but you are right the shiny ones look right for the job. X

  3. Hello Emma crochet designer
    Yep!!! shiny stuff it is,adds that little extra to each of those lovely cuffs. Just love the chunky button too.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  4. Pretty!!! And matching toe nails... you keep amazing me...;-)
    Enjoy your beer, love from Mirjam.


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