a crocheted light shade

Fancy crochet light shade anyone?

Don't mind if I do.

This is another one of my WIPs that just dragged on and on and on. I'm not sure why.  I love everything about it; the colours, the yarn, the outcome, the finished article.

As you can see the light shade in Betsy's room was just awful.  AWFUL!

And now it's not! TA DA!

Slowly, slowly, girly's room is looking prettier. I wasn't one of those organised pregnant ladies who had the nursery fully decorated before the baby arrived.  Nope, not even close.  Couldn't be arsed, preferred to sit on the sofa eating Snickers.  In fact when she was born her room was just full of boxes.  It was awful.  I felt bad.   Also all my clothes and make up lived in that room and some of it still does but I'm trying not to be too lazy, whenever I get a free moment I do more nice stuff and I'm getting there.

This new light shade cover makes a difference, I always knew that instead of buying a new one I would cover this fugly thing up with some funky crochet - there can of course be no other way for a yarn addict.

It was super easy to make, all I did was crochet eight standard granny squares using some lovely Rooster Aran yarn and a 5mm hook.  I used a bigger yarn and hook to make the cover look a bit chunkier and then I and joined them together using the join as you go method, good video tutorial on that here.

I kept checking for size to make sure that it would be slightly smaller than the shade, this way once looped, it should just slip on and stay put without the need for any further fixing.

I ended up with eight squares, I joined them all and did a further two rounds of edging in cream, this finished it off nicely, improved the sizing (the eight squares didn't quite make it all the way round the shade) and frames the squares nicely.

I then sewed all the bloody ends in.

and single crocheted the edges together to form a loop.  Like so.

Then I just slipped the loop over the shade.  Ta da.

Good eh?

I love it.  Hope Betsy does too once she's old enough to critique my work!

I've just spent the weekend learning how to do slip stitch knitting.  Not easy, still confused now.  Any tips?


  1. I'm sure Betsy will love it! Great idea! :)

  2. Wow, that is stunning and thank you for telling us how you did it. I must relearn how to crochet! Sorry, haven't a clue what slip stitch knitting is!

  3. So pretty ... love it ... no idea what slip stitch knitting is ... sorry ... Bee xx

  4. Very Sweet, the colours are very pretty. I wasn't organised either, too busy feeling fat and sorry for myself in a heap on the sofa- attractive eh?
    I have no idea what slip stitching is .. Do tell?
    Sarah x

  5. Wow...what an improvement! Nice colors. Love it!

  6. I like it!

    Babies aren't worried what there room looks like, they just need it to be comfy, warm and full of love :)

  7. Love it! am sure your girl will grow up pretty pleased with an artistic mom like you, and will in no time be selecting her own colors :)

  8. I am wanting to do this with our bedroom lightshade....but I haven't gotten around to it yet!


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