best Royal Ascot outfits 2013

It makes me very proud that my little corner of the world becomes so famous for one week of the year.  Royal Ascot is always amazing, I love the pomp and finery, the dresses, the hats, the Queen, the champagne and shenanigans.  I watch it all on the telly of course, my days of glugging champers whilst wearing a very big hat and very tall shoes are over....well for a while anyway.

Hate the horses too but that's for another day and it's more important that you know I've seen enough shocking pink limousines these last few days to last a lifetime! Who even...? oh never mind.

The best bit about Royal Ascot is the outfits and in particular the hats.  Oh the lovely ladies in their pretty frocks and fabulous hats make me swoon.

My favourite outfit this year has to be this orange number on Katherine Jenkins.  Lord she looked smokin' in this dress.

The hat is amazing too isn't it?

Bollywood arrived in the form of Aishwarya Rai.  She looked perfect in monochrome (lots of monochrome at Ascot this year, Aishwarya did it best!) with THE most gorgeous shoes, her shoes are lush, check em!

Man alive this lady would look good in a sack wouldn't she?


And on a royal theme my all time favourite Royal Ascot royal lady is the stunningly gorgeous Princess Haya of Jordan, junior wife (yep, yep you read that right!) of the richest man in the world, Sheikh Mohammed, owner of racehorses and all-round stunner of the horse world.  I love her, she is so darn stylish and I'm totally digging her hat...totally digging it! Not so keen on the dress though, bit frumpy for such a young and pretty lady.


Whilst all these ladies were looking lovely in my village this week, I failed to stun anyone in my jeans and pyjama combos.  Sad me, covered in baby mess, being run ragged by my crawling, climbing wee one, maybe brushing my hair and putting a bit of lippy on will cheer me up!

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  1. is that time of the year again!!!!! how fast!!!!!
    I love the first lady outfit!
    xxxxx Ale

  2. Gorgeous, I do love a good hat! Sarah x

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  4. Thanks for these wonderful photos, I love hats, too, but unfortunately I can´t wear them (not even a small one ) I don´t look like the ladies on these pictures, I dont´t want to explain how I look ;-) ... but I love your photos !!


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