dressing like a detective

Did you watch Gillian Anderson in the BBC drama The Fall playing DCI Stella Gibson?

Holy Moly did she look GOOD. Check it. 

She is all blond and pouty and in virtually every episode she is wearing this rather fetching shirt.  Oh my but she makes them silk shirts look amazing and has started a bit of a trend here in the UK.

I even want one now and silk shirts do not do much for my womanly bosom, I just end up looking matronly.  Really.  I've tried before and failed thus the laws of living and learning should dictate I never put one on my body ever again. Seriously. No, seriously.

I still found some I want though, do not, I repeat DO NOT let me buy one.

acid yellow never looked so good
topshop always do it right

this in the peach colourway is lush
Looking at them makes me swoon a bit, or is it the DCI Stella Gibson effect?

That dame is working the same magic on sales of silk shirts as Sarah Lund did on the Skandi style knitted jumper.  You will be wearing one of these babies soon.  I guarantee it.


  1. We really " enjoyed" this series! A bit scary sometimes....
    Just as scary as me wearing such a shirt I guess... Do you know that
    film "Mathilda"? And that head of her school? Get the picture?
    Lots of love from Mirjam.

    1. Hahahhaaaa Mrs Trunchbull, just googled it...love :o)

  2. I've always loved the classic white blouse look.
    And those other tops are stunning! You should get one of each :)

  3. I'm safe : I don't like silk shirts!!!! ;oD
    xxxxx Ale


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