a stripey summer - 2013

I love a good sale.

I'm cheap and I don't care who knows it.

Thing is, sometimes you lose out if you wait and wait and stalk a website waiting, waiting for the sale to start as I did this year after much coveting of this Great Plains striped maxi skirt....

...the sale started, I went to buy it and it had bloody sold out.  Sad face indeed.

So I've been rooting around trying to find another one that's similar (and also in a sale) and I found these lovely striped sale things.  I'm thinking the Anthropologie skirt might well be a winner especially seeing as I can wear it in freezing cold Blighty and I don't have to shave my legs! Result.

cruise maxi skirt : anthropologie iconsimilar here and here

::update:: this skirt will not be mine either as it is now only available in XS and XL!  Is it just me or is everyone buying striped maxi skirts this summer?

spring stripe midi dress : anthropologie

I normally like my stripes in monochrome but this blue and yellow dress sure is pretty.

placed stripe knit :: mint velvet icon
stripy maxi dress :: boden 

I do love this Boden dress, I think it's the second time I've featured it on the blog so am really feeling the love.  Just wish they did a skirt version.

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  1. ugh hate it when you go to buy it and it's sold out!!


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