the best blusher in the world

I have a pal.  It's not a person pal, it's a blusher pal. It's called Deep Throat.  Yep, uh huh, you heard me right, my pal is called Deep Throat and I can't leave the house without it.

Having been handed down sallow skin by the genetics police, without blusher I look, not to put too fine a point on it, like a corpse.

Yes, a corpse.  I'm not kidding.

Anyone who has had the misfortune of catching me without my face on will testify to this truth.  Some say:

: are you okay Emma?
: you look a bit tired
: you don't look very well, maybe you should go to bed/takes some paracetamol/put a bag on your head

...all said with that faux sympathetic, secretly thrilled look on their faces.  This is why I have a long and cherished relationship with blusher.  I don't leave the house without it, I love it, I recommend it to anyone and everyone and I personally think I should be the world brand ambassador for blusher.

I've tried so many different types, brands, colours, textures.  I've looked muddy, cruddy, orange and plum and in the end I realised that in order to look like a human being I need to be wearing girly, fabulous, pretty pink.

NARS do the best blusher.  Yep it's official.  They have a texture that looks lovely on.  Their famous Orgasm is of course lush, as is the rather aptly named Super Orgasm.  However you can't beat Deep Throat for blusher heaven, the only time that people say I look well will be when I'm wearing this buddy of mine.

The second best blusher in the world is from Benefit.  It's called Dallas and I believe it has been said (in my head) that I wouldn't look out of place at Southfork whenever I'm wearing it.  In fact I feel like that girl on the packaging, only not on a horse, because I hate them of course.

Benefit also do a proper ballerina girl pink blusher called Dandelion which is also perfection in powder form.

Third in line for always being on or near my face is Bourjois's little pot of loveliness in Rose D'Or.  It's cheap, it's cheerful, it goes on like more expensive blush (it is said in hushed tones that it's made in the same factory as Chanel blush...shhh) and these little pots are an iconic and beloved brand here in the UK. Check these amazing facts.

To finish off this post, which I've really enjoyed (sometimes that happens, sometimes it doesn't), I saw these amazing Paul & Joe blushers and I want, want, want.  Oh gosh, how pretty are they?  I've started a little Paul & Joe make up collection and I really think that these pretties need to be in it.

Paul and Joe Limited Edition Blushers

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  1. I'm far too pink to need blusher most of the time! I get 'Are you okay Annie?', 'You look a bit hot', and 'Is it your age?' (no, it isn't!)


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