blue, blue, interview and a tiny splash of pink

This dress is lovely.  It's so blue and looks a little vintagey.

It's got a full and swishy skirt which always makes me happy.  The only thing lacking in this little number is pockets.  A particular kind of joy, that only a lady can know, happens when you find out your new skirt/dress has pockets.

It isn't vintage.  I just got it.  In the sale too, it was a super bargain.  I was quite pleased with myself.

I had an interview yesterday which is why I had a pretty outfit on, usually I'm scragging around in jeans.  It made a nice change to dress up.

:: dress great plains similar here, here and here ::

I tried to break up all that blueness, I didn't want to look like a smurf.

These lovely pink nails did it.  They stopped me looking like mama smurf, they come courtesy of Paul & Joe who make the most freaking gorgeous nail polish bottles I have ever seen.

Maybe my pink nails got me the job either that or my swishy blue dress.

Off to get red wine now, Wednesday's wine night here in bloom towers. 


  1. You look great!
    Congratulations on your job!
    That pink is a beautiful summer color!
    Tammy x

  2. How did the interview go?
    I hope I'll get one of those soon... Looking for a job is a full time job...

    I love the outfit and the nail polish!

    Good luck with everything!

  3. nice outfit!!!!
    I wish you all the luck you need for the new job!!!! Got it?
    xxxxx Ale


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