got the crochet blues

Feeling a bit mopey about my hooking at the moment.

I think its a combination of having no big project to work on, frustration with the odd half-finished projects lying around the house, new best friend knitting and lack of good crochet inspiration.

Take this granny stripe blanket.  I started this a long time ago, I don't even think Betsy was a twinkle in Mr P's eye when this dude began, I just sort of went off it and now I don't know what to do with it. Frog it?  Use it as a tiny, very wide baby blanket? Carry on and finish it?  Dunno.

Then there is a distinct lack of inspiration.  I had to stop my Simply Crochet magazine subscription because I was bored and a bit angry at the amount of crap in it.

Yep, I confess and will probably be universally reviled for it, Simply Crochet is rubbish.  I have given it the benefit of the doubt, let it off the first few issues of naff, oft-repeated patterns and now I'm just plain bored with the patterns which for the most part (there are a few exceptions I do admit) are the kind of things that give crochet a bad granny name and most definitely not worth five of the Queens pounds.

Issue eight has coasters, doilies, jar covers and bunting (lawd if I have to see yet more crocheted bunting I will cry).  It has peg toppers(?), shelf edging(!?) and a crocheted bag for your plastic bags.  It makes me sad that this publication is scraping the barrel and sending crochet right back into the laughing stocks from whence it came.  On a plus point, yes I'm trying to be objective here, the photography styling and layouts are good, if a bit on the twee side.  The guides at the end are also good and my favourite bit in the whole magazine is the back page vintage treasure, class.

Rant over.   If you are still reading loyal crochet friends then know this, I will keep my crochet on.  I will stand proud and true to the cause.  I will find a new project soon then I will be blue no more.


  1. I've never read a crochet magazine, my inspiration usually comes from pinterest or other blogs.
    I really like your granny stripe blanket, it looks finished to me!!
    Love the colors x

  2. Not being a crocheter I've never bought a crochet magazine, but I hear you re. the crochet bunting, well re. bunting generally actually! And the apple covers and the mug hugs and the assorted other toe covers (my mothers name for anything without an obvious use or value). What a breath of fresh air this post is :)

  3. Blatant self-promotion here: check out www.mainlycrochet.com
    Not just now-we've barely started up- but in the coming months too. We're really trying to produce patterns that inspire, that are enjoyable, and are just really damn cool to look at! Great photography and enough space (online only) to really show off a design. I don't use an editorial calendar per se, preferring to let designers do what they do best- design!

  4. What a good thing to know i"m not the only one that think "Simply Crochet" has fooled myself!!!!
    I was thinking : wow! fresh new ideas!......but now.....only old stuff!! Pinterest is more enjoyable, indeed!!!
    Anyway, I love your blankie and I think your little girl loves to play around with it, as the "Linus Blanket"!!! ;oD
    xxxxxx Ale

  5. I agree most crochet or knitting mags are dull. On the other hand if you are looking for crochet inspiration just look at one of the japanese crochet books- they are stunning and full of beautiful crochet that definately inspires me.... However i have been sewing lately and haven't picked my hook up for months. I did see a cute little project on Annaboo's house blog the other day... Might be worth a look sarah x

  6. Oh I wouldn't frog it, keep going as it's looking great.

  7. Don't frog it, keep it for when your inspiration kicks back in again....I have a big WIP blanket that I have been working on for god knows how many months now, but I only add to it when I feel inspired to


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