summer prints

I like big prints and I cannot lie.

When I was a youngster I used to be infuriated by my Mum's obsession with prints and patterns, I couldn't understand why she wouldn't buy me clothes in plain colours erm, like all my friends Mum!  But as I've aged mellowed, I find myself more often than not drawn to all things bright, bold and beautiful too.

Preference to pattern and print is fascinating. I like how everyone has their own cup of tea and we pick up on hints, subtle or otherwise, that lead us to understand somebody else's.  I know without asking which of my friends likes all things blue and swirly, who can pull off the most garish and shocking and who prefers subtle hues, pale and understated (not me, nuh uh, no way).

I think that the prints in your life are influenced by where you live and/or your heritage.  My preference for bright and clashing colours, bold summer prints and anything shiny and garish loud must surely be linked to my family roots in India where everything is brighter, lighter and shinier than shiny itself.  This may also be utter claptrap, I know nothing and am slightly prone to spouting random nonsense, surely a prerequisite for a blogger, no?

Anyway, I love the colour of Mexican serapes.  These dudes equal summer, summer, summertime.

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And the coolness of Turkish Hammam towels.  I once came back from a holiday in Kalkan with my suitcase bulging at the seams with these light, floaty towels.  I feel summery just looking at them, in fact I'm now really wishing I was by the pool, sipping a margarita, soaking up the rays.....

:: sorbet ::

I love the regionality of pattern and design that so closely identifies a nation.  A sari in India evokes heat and humidity, a tartan in Scotland looks strong and warming - well it would have to be wouldn't it, Scotland is cold nearly all the time!

But there is something about summer prints that makes us yearn for these warmer months all year round, I think it's the lack of the colour black, that winter staple without whom most of us would be lost.  Black equals winter and a riot of colour equals summer - well said by the woman typing on her laptop on a boiling hot July morning wearing a black dress!

Right, I'm off to look for holidays in Turkey - Mr P better keep an eye on his wallet!


  1. I love the top anthropology print - I'm sure that has something to do with those old kitchen tiles we had in the house in the early 80's though... Excellent choice!

    Not sure about Turkey but I'm more than happy to take you to Iceland, Mrs P! ... there's one on the High St in Egham and they have a special on Arctic Rolls at the moment!!

  2. Oh I do love a gorgeous print too ... and those hammans look so inviting ... almost cool on a hot day ... Bee xx

  3. Print lover here too... Loving the stripes, gorgeous summery colours sarah x

  4. I love prints too. I adore the colours of those towels can I come to turkey with you???


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