does the 2-day diet really work?

This will be a weird post to write as I'm not normally food-fixated apart from obviously loving the stuff and I've always been pretty much the same size/weight. 

Then I had a baby.  Yeah, having a baby kind of changes your body in ways that no one ever dares to mention.  Nonetheless I still managed to lose virtually all the baby weight in the months after Elizabeth's birth, all except that stubborn half a stone which will not budge - hasn't everyone got a stubborn half a stone that won't budge?

And for all my vegetarian, daily dog walking lifestyle, it does insist on clinging to me for dear life.  Then at the library I saw this book...

2-day diet book

....and thought I would have a look at it because so many friends and family have been raving about it and/or the other 5:2 diet, which I think is called The Fast Diet.

Whilst the fast diet is calorie controlled, the 2-day diet is carb controlled and for the two days that you diet you basically don't eat any carbs and very limited amounts of fruit, fats and protein.  Then for the other five days and much to my disappointment, instead of pigging out on crisps and biscuits with gay abandon you have to eat what they call a 'healthy Mediterranean diet', gutted.

After having a read of the book and the whole 5:2 concept itself (which I love),  I did think that this was potentially do-able, possibly healthy and definitely worth a try to get rid of my mate fatty bum-bum.  So armed with a jumbo pack of tofu and a dozen eggs I entered the realm of diet.

Now, I won't lie to you, this diet is not great for vegetarians.  Whilst our meat eating chums can stuff chicken, bacon and pretty much any lean meat down their cake-holes, vegetarians can only eat tofu or eggs!  I do find myself getting a bit bored of boiled eggs and stir-fry tofu and whilst I do mix it up and make different dishes from the book, it still boils down to one or the other for lunch and dinner.

I usually eat a variation of this menu on a diet day.

breakfast:   half a grapefruit

mid-morning snack:   handful of cashew nuts

lunch:   stir fry tofu with spring onions and ginger

afternoon snack:   hummus and cucumber

dinner:   ratatouille with broccoli and poached eggs

Not terrible, bit on the dull side but I don't find myself particularly hungry during the day, perhaps on the second day I start dreaming a wee bit about pasta, eyeing up the spaghetti jar and so on.  Yes, the two days are recommended to be completed consecutively because day two is supposed to be easier?!  Hmmm not entirely convinced but I do them on a Monday and Tuesday now and have settled into a bit of a routine so don't mind.

The five days are also quite interesting because the book says that because of the diet, you won't want to stuff pies in your gob on the five 'normal' days - I didn't believe this but I have to admit that it's bloody true!  I haven't been as strict on the five days as the book recommends but then I haven't been stupid either, just eating normally and having my usual treats like red wine, the odd biscuit and some of Betsy's chocolate buttons.

Now to the good bit.  Does it work?  Oh my goodness indeed it does, like a freaking dream.

I stepped on the scales after the first week wearing my Mrs Sceptic UK sash and I had lost 3lbs, jaw dropped in amazement.  Then the next week another 2lbs and whilst it slowed down a bit after that, I've still lost just over 8lbs in a month, really good huh?

I would happily recommend this to everyone (especially meat eating everyones) and especially if you only have a small parcel of fat to dispose of and would like it to disappear quickly.  I think that this one might be hard to maintain for a long period of time but then again if you are eating meat on your diet days then this diet might be brilliant over the long term too.

Definitely worth a try and recommended by me, fad diet novice 2013 - here is the link for more information.

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  1. This is really interesting, thanks. I have to admit I'm a feast or famine person so I imagine I would be eating for 5000 on the non fasting days. But maybe I should give it a try?


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