I'm an internet hypocrite

hyp.o.crite - noun - a person who pretends to have virtues, morals or religious beliefs, principles etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.

I admit it.  Perhaps others wouldn't, couldn't or probably don't even care but lately I've really noticed what a massive internet hypocrite I am.

Let me explain.

Firstly.  I publicly and loudly despise facebook.

I can't stand the over-sharing, the constant vague-booking for attention, the phony bullshit and making friends with people you don't even know or like.  I particularly can't stand people putting up crap that nobody cares about (I had peas for my dinner yo!), and yet I have a blog which by its very nature means I'm constantly churning out crap that few would/could care about.  Hypocrite.

Secondly.  I can't stand the daily mail, wouldn't be seen dead buying it or reading it for that matter but yet breakfast wouldn't be complete without a visit to the mail's sidebar of shame to see who's shagging who, pregnant, looking a bit fat, drunk or plain damn ugly.  It is the most un-newsworthy of news websites and yet I can't get off it.  It's like crack.  I once went cold turkey just to prove to Mr P that I could and was ashamed with myself when, after going a full three months without it, I was heart-pumpingly excited to visit again *hangs head in shame.

Thirdly and lastly, I like reading so called 'mommy bloggers', blogs by other people with children especially the big, popular and mainly American ones.  I like reading about their lives and even better I like looking at pictures of cute babies in cute outfits, looking freaking cuter than cute.

But I personally don't like to share photos of my girl on the internet.  I wouldn't put a picture of Elizabeth online that shows her full face or naked body or anything at all really.  I very rarely post pictures of her and when I do I try to make sure she is a bit blurry and/or her face is not fully shown.   I know it's hypocritical especially given the nature of blogging/sharing!? but I feel like Elizabeth should decide if she wants her face splashed all over the internet and so until she is old enough to make that decision for herself I reckon it's my job to safeguard her.  What a massive hypocrite huh?  Happy to look at other people's unfortunately overexposed children whilst fiercely protecting my own, not my finest moment.

There.  Confessions out of the way.  Are you a hypocritical surfer, a so-called by me... hyponet?


  1. I am one too! I used to hate twitter and now I'm getting adddicted to it.

    Thank God I'm still away from Facebook. I think I'll manage to resist.

  2. I refuse to have a Facebook page although I sign my husband's account up to all and sundry just as long as i am not public. I also try and hide my children as I also think they should chose to be on there. But I have occasionally put pictures of them up but so they are a little hidden hats etc. I can't understand some people that plaster they kids and personal info all over their blogs ... But I have no problem looking and reading about them!!

  3. Hahaha, I guess I'm the same! I personally have no problem with that I have to admit....
    Everybody should know for themselves what they publish or not....
    We had soup and bread for dinner this evening by the way ;-)
    Love from Mirjam.

  4. I am in total agreement with you! I do admit to using FB, my rules are 1) if I see you in the street and would be genuinely happy to see you and stop and chat (reciprocity from other party too) then I'm happy to 'friend' you on there (hence only close mates and not the random in the works canteen who wants a nose into my info is granted FV ;friendship;), 2) if I wouldn't shout it down the High Street, then I aint going to post about it online 3) photos are a rarity, not everyday occurance, even then only something 'worthy' (in my humble opinion, and not even then too personal). However, I have instagram, which is completely anonymous and I don't plaster my dial all over it with 'selfies' but I am more than happy to post a pic of a recently baked cake! so I suppose I too have a hypocritical element! Hey ho, choice at the end of the day!! Great topic by the way!
    BH x

  5. It often worries me, the endless pics of cuter than cute kids. I think of how embarrassed by one or two pics from their childhoods my lot are, and wonder how they'd feel if they knew those images had been shared with the world rather then kept safely tucked away in an album. And I also worry that those cute kids pics don't really reflect the child's reality ... even the most natural are usually posed and edited and are more like pics from a magazine shoot than family snaps. But I don't think choosing not to subject your own child to that kind of exposure but reading the blogs of those who've chosen differently makes you a hypocrite.

    All that said, I've been known to whinge about not having the 'post a few cute kid pics' option when I'm struggling to get a blog post up ... so clearly I am a hyponet ;)


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