knitted love- a baby blanket

: purl soho :
I'm bereft of yarn projects at the moment.  It doesn't feel good.

So many things going on, I feel like I'm constantly dashing about, never really sitting down, sipping tea and making stuff.  It needs to stop.

So I've decided to make a baby blanket, no particular baby in mind but I sniff fresh babies in the air and all babies need a beautiful blanket to snuggle into so I'm pretty sure it will come to some use.

I'm torn between this lovely stripy guy from The Purl Bee at Purl Soho, my most favourite online knitting destination and this equally as pretty and very similar offering from the amazing Pickles girls in Norway.

: pickles:
The pickles large ridge blanket looks exactly the same, I know but it has a cute 'L-shape' effect that is appealing and apparently achieved by simply increasing either side of your middle stitch! I love that in a new knitter, easily impressed kind of way.

: pickles :
I will decide later today which one to make, I've got lots of pretty yarn stashed away so I have no excuse, I'm leaning towards the pickles one at the moment.

This is just a quick post, it's 6am and I'm supposed to be getting ready for work. Instead I thought I'd have a cup of tea and post these lovely pictures so I can go to work on a smile given that it is pouring down with rain and a bit dark and gloomy out there.

Hope you have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend.


  1. Very pretty blankets! Betsy is one lucky girl to have a mum with such good taste.... Love , Mirjam.

  2. I love the first one for the colours choice, while the second one is more fascinating for the twist in the pattern!!!
    Enjoy your Bank Holiday, xxxx Ale

  3. I'm also loving the colour palette in that top blanket, but yes, the second will be lots of fun to knit. Whichever you choose, enjoy :)


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