best in show

We watched Best In Show at the weekend.

It really is a great film but probably only resonates down deep in your heart if you have a dog and especially if you, like us, own a pedigree dog.

We were amused much by the film's brilliant comedy moments and it made me go all smoochy, pooch proud of the girl.

We are extremely lucky with Tilly.  She is a sweet natured beautiful girl and so well behaved, putting up with the arrival of Elizabeth (or as Tilly calls her, the usurper), really, really well.  The only time I have to declare loudly that I'm taking her to the pound is when we have guests.  Oh lord when we have guests she is a nightmare.

She gets incredibly excited, does full body wag, whines and shakes with the sheer joy of someone coming to visit her!  We always let her come and say hello and then she is supposed to calm down and go back to her bed.  Yeah, doesn't happen like that.  She always takes it a step too far, a nudge, a lick, a molestation too far and ends up getting told off, shouted at and straight off to the dog house.

It's really horrible and bloody annoying and I wish she wouldn't do it.  We have certain guests (you know who you are), who encourage her and that just makes it worse for those other unsuspecting visitors who don't in fact wish to be covered in dog!

This post has ended up being a bit of a whine, I'm not quite sure how that happened.  I am in fact a bit partial to the odd dog related item, these are all lush one, two, three and four and now I'm going to watch a bit of telly and get an early night.


  1. Times five! You're not so much greeted by the whippets when you visit here as expected to wear them. They used to be so good, before Griff, who thinks no command could ever apply to him. And why should four whippets sit patiently waiting to say hello when one is already on the visitor's head ... it's a nightmare. And yes, made worse by friends who encourage it. If people are coming who aren't dog friendly we have to shut the whips in the car where they don't see or hear folk arrive. Tilly though looks far too ladylike for such behaviour :)

  2. The scenario you describe would have had me quaking in my boots as most of my life I have been very frightened of dogs being friendly .I was once bitten in friendship but a dog. It sent me in a panic every time anyone said' it's ok she's just friendly' .How would you suggest I try and get over this as I often don't go to visit friends if they have dogs.

  3. Hey! It's not myyyy fault! She's just too adorable! I just have to get in there for a hug and a roll on the floor when I see her. I'm not like that with ALL dogs. Well, maybe I am...

    Of course, David's going to do the same thing for your daughter, spoiling her rotten...

    Re: being scared of dogs, maybe visit someone with a very well-behaved elderly Labrador? Get to know a very placid dog and see how that affects how you feel about dogs in general?

    1. Hahahahaaaa YES YOU Geoff!!! I laughed so much at the thought of you reading and knowing I was talking about you,...bloody dog lovers...gah! xx

  4. Ha ha and hello!
    We watched that film when we first had our crazy shih tzu he loves guests too he thinks they are coming to see him...Tilly is prettier than him though....
    bestest daisy...
    Ps found you via bloom blogspot...

  5. Hello, I found you from "The Linen Cloud" and think your blog is lovely.

    I hope I'm not out of order, but we had this problem with Howard when he was younger. Being a small dog it wasn't a huge problem but it was incredibly embarrassing for me when my perfect pup turned into a hooligan. We kept a treat jar next to the door (although in your case perhaps you should have two….one for Tilly and the other to bribe over exuberant guests….)
    When someone knocked on the door we shut Howard out of the hall and gave the guest a treat, asking them to completely ignore Howard until he had stopped jumping and had sat nicely in front of them, then they could say hello and give him a treat.
    He very quickly calmed down and waited for his treat nicely. (and now we're really mean and have given up on the treat….I'm surprised he hasn't packed his bags and gone to find "someone who cares".)

    Anyhoo, LOVE your blog and have put you on my "follow" list.

    Ali xx


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