orange is the new black

If you haven't already heard then let me be the one to tell you, you absolutely must, you have to, it is imperative that you get yourself some Netflix on your tellybox and you must watch Orange is the new Black.  It is a crazy hoot and the only thing keeping me from dying inside from the knowledge that Breaking Bad is coming to an end, oh Jesse, my lovely deep voiced telly boyfriend, how will I ever live without you??

In honour of my new banged up best buddies, I was cruising for some orange pretties to go with my Dad's gorgeous pom pom dahlias and I found this lovely lot at John Lewis.  I know the bag isn't strictly orange but heavens it's a beauty and too much orange in one image sure does make your eyes go funny!

I think I'm so fond of OITNB because it reminds me partly of boarding school; dorms, enforced servitude, bad food, crappy discos, standing in line and rules, rules, hormones and rules.  It also rather scarily reminds me of a job I once had in deepest, darkest Dudley where I, a solitary southerner amongst a whole company of brummies, walked in to my own personal "don't go on the moors" moment that sadly lasted for two whole freaking years.  Watch it. You will love it.  I promise.

Yeah and don't ever go to Dudley, like ever.


  1. I LOVE OITNB! And I love everything up there... I also promise never to go to Dudley!

    Hazel x

  2. I loooooved OITNB! Was a bit shocked by the ending though, mean old Mr Healey! I too am gutted about the end of Breaking Bad, I'll be 34 weeks up the duff when it ends so just keeping my fingers crossed the excitement doesn't get labour started!x

  3. I believe you are talking about a TV programme Emma.....oh! bother it!!! I can't get that here and it hasn't appeared on the Spanish TV yet. You have me all curious now so I am going to google it to see what it ia all about!!!! I've never seen Breaking Bad either tch and tch!!! Not fair!!!

    I'm off away in a huff )-: (sort of!)

    keep well

    Amanda :-)


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