vintage black crochet collar

I had to get my crochet groove back on because I lost it.

It suspiciously disappeared when the sun came out, refused to return all summer and then abruptly came back last week on the first chilly day of September.  How people who live in hot countries can crochet is beyond me.

Not one to let a groove moment pass me by, I got busy, dug out my favourite vintage collar pattern and hooked away happily in black for a change.  It's not the easiest of colours to crochet with, in fact it is downright bloody difficult to crochet with, I forgot this and only remembered halfway through a row of single crochets into a chain, my eyes felt like they were on stalks by the end of the row.

I love this pattern though and glad I stuck with the black because it looks divine, I love this collar colour combination (say it quickly ten times, bet you can't).

Much as I love it, I can't keep it.  I want to but I made it for my Aunty Andrea for her Birthday, which is today.  Happy Birthday lovely lady.

I think I have now made four of these collars, might be time to try something new huh!


  1. Its very elegant... Hope she likes it x

  2. elegant and beautiful. Emma!!!
    P.S : when you live in a hot country, you crochet with the ACs on!!!!!! ;oD

    xxxxxx Ale


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