well that was summer then

I'm not going to complain about autumn's official arrival this weekend; gloom, rain, a chill in the air.  Nope, not complaining at all because we actually had a proper summer this year with heat and sunshine and everything.  I was inclined to not quite know what to do with myself most of the time.

The sun seems to have made Elizabeth grow like a weed, she is now so tall and is a walking, talking ball of bright sunshiny energy, super quick and apt to climb at a moments notice.  No is the word of the moment in this house and I am just run ragged!

The summer has seen her say her first and most favourite word buh bye, breaks my heart every time, especially when I'm going out the door to work...gulp, hold back tears, be brave, walk away from the small person.

I'm working again, which is brilliant.  Part time is good stuff and I feel very lucky to have found something that lets me work just 8 hours a week, it wasn't easy finding it but so worth the wait.  Elizabeth gets to spend those 8 hours with her grandparents and she has found them to be most willing servants to her every need and thus is happy as Larry every time I walk away. In fact I'm pretty sure I saw a flash of irritation in her eyes on Friday when I still hadn't left the house and was coming in for yet another kiss goodbye!

I missed my two year blogversary in August and so now found myself to be a blogging old hat with the scars and everything to prove it.  I'm still in love with this online world, so much has changed, I've changed, blogging's changed but I find that I've mellowed into it and have more of a flow these days.  I have been going back over old posts in a re-labelling exercise, my labels had gone a bit squiffy, and had to tidy up lots of broken links, deleted images and poor, poor ass spelling.  It appears that I really do not know how to spell definitely as have had to amend it at least five times.  I am ashamed.

I've also finally figured out how to use twitter.  Yes.  Ahem.  It took, um, a while to figure it out.  I'll leave it at that but don't be surprised if I turn up on your twitter doorstep all of a sudden, gushing with the tweets.

I am typing this in bed at 7am with a cup of tea, my new blog work hour.  I used to go back to sleep after the morning bottle but now I need the time to mull and muse and get some shit done.  I'm so excited about autumn's arrival, especially after having a proper summer and I've got lots of ideas and plans for the coming months, yes, yes, really.  So all is good in the hood yo this Monday morning, hope all is good with you too.  Have a good week everyone.


  1. I would struggle to do without my bloggy space too ... blogging just becomes part of the routine of your day doesn't it. But knitsofacto twitters as well ... see you around the tweetosphere;)

    I always managed to work from home when my lot were small which was such a godsend, but I rather think they would have enjoyed a day with their grandparents more!

  2. I imagined you breathing a big sigh of relief at the end of this post, like you have had a weight lifted. Does that make sense? You sound happy and content in your new routine :) Congratulations on your new job, and your lovely girl x


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