She is walking.  She isn't even one yet.

Not just tentative steps either, nah that was ages ago, this is proper walking and she loves it.

It started out all clumsy, often resembling a younger, drunken me with her staggering about and falling over.  It is interesting to note that this is the only time she has ever resembled me.

Now she is confident, she trots about the place happily muttering to herself and finding stuff to destroy.  If she finds a high value item; phone, keys, remote controls, anything from my handbag, she goes quiet and we know she's up to no good.  She has even learnt to run away, dashing off in the opposite direction if I find her with something she shouldn't have.

She has shoes.  They are very cute and she is quite fond of them.  Now when we go out she has her shoes put on and if we don't stop to let her out for a little run around then she gets a bit stroppy.  If we manage to get her on the swings then she is in heaven but getting her off the swing and back into the pram is not fun, not fun at all.

On a different parenting note, why did nobody tell me how hard it is to be a mum when you are ill.  Huh?  It's not like you can phone in sick is it?

I think there should be some state-funded emergency nanny service where you phone up on a sick day and a nanny in the style of Mary Poppins turns up to take care of your child whilst you lie in bed feeling sorry for yourself with Netflix and a bumper pack of Strepsils.

I am so poorly today with a coldy sore throat thing passed on by Mr P that I actually cried.  I cried this morning and begged him not to go to work.  Yes, I need that emergency nanny service real bad.  I have roused myself to finish this post whilst Bets is napping and now I think I shall return to having a lie down and maybe get myself a cup of tea.


  1. when they start to walk.....sweet memories!!!!! I loved their tiny shoes a lot!!!
    My dear, if I could I'll fly to you instantly : I love little kiddos!!!!!
    Take care and drink even a hot chocolate : it really uplifts your soul!!!!!
    a big hug and please, remember to send me your mailing address : I cannot find it anymore!!!!!
    thank you and xxxxxxx, Ale

  2. Oh she's so cute! :)

    I hope you'll feel better very soon!

  3. What a little sweetie ... her shoes are too, too cute ... I second the nanny service ... being ill and looking after littles is nigh on impossible ... hope you are feeling much better soon ... Bee xx

  4. So sweet, well done Betsy. Love her shoes, I really struggle to find shoes to fit my little one she is a 2 1/2 and clarks never have them. I have ordered some online but they don't fit her high instep waffle waffle... Anyway hope you feel better I have a cold today too it's rubbish isn't it

  5. oh no! that must be the worst, when I feel ill I just want to go to bed and hide!

  6. Good grief, that was quick Betsy! And yes, a husband who will stay home and look after you sometimes is a must in the absence of that nanny service. I do hope you're feeling better now x

  7. State funded emergency nanny program - yes PLEASE! I would totally vote for you!

    Enjoying your blog!



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