a crocheted shawl

Eeeeeek I've been away from blogging for a right long time haven't I???

The days are just whizzing by, where does the time go?

I spend most days trying to make a small Betsy chuckle, usually by singing this which she just LOVES, changing lots of nappies, discussing poo; how much? when? consistency and colour? (who knew!!), changing clothes quite often due to Betsy's ability to spit up on me as soon as I get dressed - how does she know that I'm not in my dressing gown anymore??

When I do get a spare moment, usually in the evening, usually about half an hour if I'm lucky, I get my hook out and relax.

This last month I've been making this wonderful, beautiful and very stylish Diana Shawl from Helda Panagary which was featured on the front cover of Inside Crochet magazine, Issue 33.

I used my trusty Rooster Almerino DK in Cornish for the main part of the shawl and edged it with some Louisa Harding Aimee in Oyster (oh la la, that Aimee is so soft and pretty), I finished it at the weekend and have been itching to show it off ever since.  I love it.  It's the first thing I've crocheted for myself that I really proper love and would buy if I saw it in a shop.

I didn't think I would like an actual shawl, as opposed to a scarf, but it's a lovely shape, you've gotta love them triangles baby, plus it was easy peasy to make and sort of quick - I imagine if I didn't have a small guzzle guts to share my days with I could have made this in a day or two.  Thanks a million to Helda for such a great pattern.

Right, I'm off to mash up some sweet potato for the girl and make up some pancake batter for later.....pancakes, yum!