five months

Five months of happy.

Happy, happy, slappy stuff going round and round my teeny tiny brain so much so that I find it quite hard to summon up the brain power to do so-called 'normal' stuff.

You know normal stuff......stuff like brushing my teeth, sending emails/texts to my friends, cleaning the house, making conversation with my husband...you know, 'normal' stuff like that.  I am currently winning the crap prize in normo-land and don't even get me started on my rather extended and entirely unplanned blogging 'holiday'.

But I don't mind, really.  I figure you only get to do this 'looking after a baby' job once or maybe twice if you're lucky or even four times if you're my brother!)!

So what's been happening at Bloom Towers since I last wrote....um, like, over a month ago.

I'm trying knitting again, which is scary after this attempt failed so miserably, but things are going quite well (note the use of the word quite here) and I'm falling in love with it.

All thanks to this wonderful book from Anna Wilkinson.

Always a sucker for pretty colours and an even bigger sucker for pretty nail polish, there was no question that this book had to be mine; pretty colours and pretty nail polish in one picture and I've totally judged this book by it's cover haven't I??

The wristwarmers have been attempted and they are so nice I'm already on my second pair and everyone I know will be getting a pair of these for Christmas.  Nope, not kidding either folks so prepare yourselves and yes I did just mention the C-word in March, must be a bloggy record.

And I'm pretty addicted to the Get Off My Internets forums too.  I love this site, I know I shouldn't but it's so funny and witty and I reckon everyone who writes a blog should visit it regularly to find out what people really think of all the words spewed out in the name of blog every day.  I wouldn't mind these ladies having a snark about me, probably would find it quite funny (probably, depends just how mean they are) but it would sure keep a check on some of the bigger blog egos out there and lordy knows some of them badly need it!

Other than new addictions, we've been watching the rugby, enjoying a spot of red wine (more than a spot on one particularly amusing occasion) walking the dog in the freezing cold (will it warm up, ever?) and mushing up all manner of food for the little lady.

I'm currently sat waiting for my Birthday dinner; hailstones are banging down from the heavens, husband is in the kitchen making frijolemole, dog is whining for her dinner, Betsy is trying to figure out how to get the blanket she just pulled over her head off her head and I'm sat on my backside with a beer watching the rugby.

Happy, happy.

(Hey, try not to vom there at the back)!