knitted snood

Why does snood rhyme with rude and not wood or good??

I might affect an affectation and start calling it a snood (as in wood) - this does not come across well in the written word so you may or may not see what I did there.

I'll get my coat.

Knitting it is then.  Been busy at it recently because I've discovered that:

a. I can actually do it, and
b. I really quite like it even though it makes my fingers hurt, bleed some and now picky calluses have turned up - must mean I'm a pro-knitter now?

So this snood was found on the guardian website and is designed by Jenny Lord.  Well it's actually called a chunky cowl but I like snood better and cowl makes me want to call it Simon and that will never do.

I love it.  It looks like this on. You are only seeing my chin in this picture because I didn't have my face on and quite frankly my dears you do not want to see a forty something mother of a six month old with no face on.  Really you do not.

Eh it's quite nice isn't it.

The first one I made was for my bestie's birthday.  Made it in black, as she is a tres chic mademoiselle, gave it a little grey stripe and ooh la la it's quite nice.

I loved it, hope she did too.  Her boyfriend rather helpfully said a mini skirt was a highly inappropriate present for mid-March!...he just doesn't get it, he is a boy.

The wool I used for both is Sirdar Big Softie, which is lush but not as lush as the Blue Sky Alpaca yarn suggested, I think I'm going to treat myself to some and make another couple of these snoods with attitudes!  The needles were 12mm and I did loads of cool stuff like k2tog and ssk - yep, yep, I actually know what this unfathomable code means! 

On another note it would appear that I'm on a new blogging schedule of 'once a month if I can be arsed'...hmmmm not so great but stuff is crazy right now, baby's growing, house needs some cleaning, final exam's a coming and Kourtney and Kim Take Miami is on the telly...busy, busy.