knitted : the hat that got away

This hat.

I want it.  I want it so bad.

But it's not mine.  I need to get over it.

I made it as a Christmas present for my old pal Audrey and it was a hard wrench letting it go, wrapping it up and sending it off. Needless to say, I had a good try on anyway.

Cor, it's proper lovely isn't it? Great for those blessed with a massive head like myself.

The pattern is from Anna Wilkinson's Learn to Knit, Love to Knit, as soon as I saw these chunky, funky hats I knew I had to make one.  Also Audrey had dropped quite a large hint that she would be delighted to receive such a thing as a present so who am I to disappoint.

I used the lovely, soft Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky yarn that I got from Mrs Moon and Loop, both in London and both worth a visit if you are after something a bit posho on your needles or hook.  It comes in these long skeins and I'll be honest and say that I'm not sure what technique you are meant to use to knit from them. I got really tangled up and had to start over and roll the skein into a ball before I could try again - is this what you're supposed to do?  Can someone trained in the art of knitting from a skein please enlighten me.  Would be much appreciated.

I like knitting with something bulky because it makes up so quickly, this hat is super speedy to make thus providing a decent sense of achievement as you're going along - I need this quite badly given that I so lack in patience.

I also secretly made Mr P the same hat for Christmas only not in Hot Pink and Curry, which is probably the best name for a shade of wool ever, but in grey and white and without a giant bobble, in fact without a bobble at all, shame for the hat, great for the husband. Luckily for me this hat gets to stay within these four walls and it frequently finds its way on to my head for the afternoon dog walk.

Really easy and satisfying pattern, the decreasing was okay once I had stopped freaking out at the incredibly complicated looking S2TOGKPO abbreviation and checked it out a hundred times on YouTube. The only bit that was tough was the last two rows which were really tight and hard to manoeuvre on the big, fat circular needles. Managed it though, twice! so not complaining at all, feeling very satisfied with my knitty performance.

This is a mighty fine looking hat so I recommend it to anyone who likes a bit of chunky bobble hat wearing and who lives in a cold climate because it should be noted that alpaca wool is warmer than a bear's armpit!



  1. I would love to live in a cold place just to knit and wear that hat, too!!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  2. Love those chunky knit hats, they look sooo cosy x

  3. Really cosy looking, and great colours. I have to check that wool out and you have to wind into a ball or you will get in a tingle tangle. It just looks pretty in skein in my opinion but they will be a reason other than prettiness, someone will know xx

  4. Yes Emma you must wind skeins into balls you can get a wool winder, loop has them, makes it very easy .I can see why you don't want to give it away .It looks so cosy and the pink and curry colours you used look so good together.

  5. I have that book as well and have been planning on making one for myself! I have a yarn swift and a ball winder that I use for hanks of yarn. But, yes, you definitely have to wind the yarn into a ball. I'm sure it was quite frustrating to knit straight from the hank of yarn! I can imagine!

  6. Being the literal type that I am, and thinking that there may be something you're not telling us, I have to ask ... how do you know how warm a bear's armpit is?

    LOVE the hat :)


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