on plans

So far this year I have been making plans. Making plans and organising myself an awful lot.

January is at best a bit dreary and at worst downright depressing.  This year it has mostly been dreary and wet, lots of missed afternoon dog walks, muddy boots and water.  But it's also been quite exciting because I've been organised for the first time in ages.  In an attempt to lift my spirits away from wet January and towards sunshine, I've been planning stuff. So far, a summer holiday, a (proper) garden plan and personal goals for every month. January's goal was to complete all plans - see what I did there, totally achieved that one already huh?

Now I'm a big fan of planning, I like the good energy it fosters and the good stuff it makes happen but I try not to go too overboard because I know the old saying to be true, "man makes plans and God laughs". The times I have had cause to recollect these words of wisdom are too many to count.

Let me see, the plan was to be married at 28 (church, giant dress, the works), first baby at 30, second baby at 32 and living in suburban bliss with Mr Emma in a house almost entirely decorated in beige for ever and ever, till death do us part!  Yeah. Want to know how all that youthful planning turned out? Well I was undateably single at 28, speedily divorced at 34 and blissfully pregnant at 40.  Life has its own plans doesn't it? I think the trick is to go with the flow but have in mind a direction to go in and be relaxed about getting there.  Because you do get there in the end, well I certainly did, only thing is our house doesn't seem to have anything beige in it.

Last year was entirely 'off-plan' and consequently much drifting and fannying around did occur; we didn't get a holiday, we didn't do anything amazing with the house or garden, we didn't even have any days out. We did however raise a pretty awesome baby and enjoyed every minute of it so don't get the violins out just yet, I'm just saying that some plans are good.

Just the act of writing something down (preferably in a very dreamy notebook) seems to make it happen and so this week will be spent perusing the South of France, looking for places to stay, writing itineraries, dreaming of sunshine, beaches and Carcassonne and trying to decide if 42 is too old for a hot pink bikini!


  1. I'm very rubbish at planning... I do love to make plans though, just for the fun of it really!
    Everything always goes different then I think anyway...;-)
    Love from Mirjam.

  2. I use to plan everything, life certainly does not go according to plan .I had always planned I'd drive in my teens. I 've only just taken my test last august and I'm way into my forties ha ha.
    I love a pretty diary and I do still plan things but at least now I'm far more realistic.

  3. put that bikini on and enjoy it!!!!!
    xxxxxxx Ale

  4. Plans are just that... ideas, thoughts, plans and if they come into effect hooray.. if not, meh it was only a plan, idea, thought anyways! I try to live by this and not let it get me down and tell myself you can't plan for everything... but gosh I sure do like to try... Go wear that bikini- hot pink in a country where no one knows you or will even care... do it!! Hazel x

    P.S Baby bum from your last post.. tights cuteness overload alert! Love it!!

  5. Your post made me smile...I thought I'd have a career, doubted anyone would marry me and here I am aged 48 having celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary last year and three grown up daughters. self employment is history and still trying to kick start my career. I wouldn't change a thing (except for the employment situation bit!) Enjoy it all. Fiona x

  6. Go for it Emma ....the hot pink bikini that is ......after all that colour looks so good under a deep blue sky and brilliant sunshine!! I love to plan for holidays that is the part of the fun of going on holiday!

    keep well

    Amanda x

  7. You're never too old for a hot pink bikini :)

    Here's hoping you have the best year yet Emma, planned or unplanned :D


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