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So I was away for a while, just, you know, enjoying myself and stuff.  Life has been good, we are tired nearly all of the time and could do with a lovely long holiday in the sun but we are still really, really good.

I came back to write a Happy New Year post a couple of days ago and tons of my past posts had corrupted, gah!  Pictures had just disappeared.  No reason, no pattern, just a lot of images gone!  It has been a messy few days, going back through every post and checking.  Sometimes I could remember what image went where but for the most part I couldn't figure it out and so I had to delete a lot of posts.

Thing is I don't really mind so much, it feels serendipitous, it's a new year, a new beginning, a fresh start with a fresh perspective. This is 2014 after all, a brand new 365 days full of potential.

For the first time ever I have chosen a word for the year. I love the idea of giving your year some direction with a word, especially because I have a tendency to flit about.   My word for 2014 is abundance.

What a gorgeous word, evocative and inspiring.  So far it has given us an abundance of rain, not stopped raining for weeks now, I'm hoping the same applies to the flowers in spring and the sunshine in the summertime.  Bring it on abundance.


  1. even here we have abundance of heavy rain….I'm thinking if it's time to go out and by a little canoe for the family!!!!! ;oD
    xxxxxx Ale

  2. What a wonderful word, thank you. Blog land is such a great place, I love your positivity and energy that you have .I love the way you write , it's very inspiring.


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