the girl in the red tights

Never was there a sweeter girl than this. Yeah, yeah, I know that's what all mamas say but this frilly bottomed pixie is charming the pants off me at the moment.

I sort of beam in her presence, she makes me feel present.

I have developed that silly mum face, you know the one, head tilted to one side, beatific smile fixed firmly in place and eyes aglow with joy (more like lack of sleep in my case).  I can't help it, it just happened and now I've started panicking that I will be a rubbish enforcer of rules because I'm so besotted with her. This is such a joke given that I have always been the bossiest rule enforcer of all time.  Never one to shy away from telling someone off I now find myself desperately trying not to laugh when I firmly say "NO" and mean it. She just glares at me and gives me 'the look'!  Me? me who mastered 'the look' at the grand old age of four. Impossible that she should attempt it at a mere fifteen months and crazy that she is so darn good at it.

I still have to pinch myself that she is ours, well ours for a short while and then she grows up and becomes her own but that can be another story for another day.  She is feisty and independent (heaven knows where she gets that from!), and likes to walk, dance, bounce and eat.  "No" is her favourite word (again where she gets that from is a mystery), and it applies to all things, in particular requests for kisses and nappy changes.

She gets annoyed if you try to interfere with her day.  Yesterday I made the mistake of joining in with her playing and galloped a little wooden horse around with accompanying noises (full effect yo!), the horse skipped along, jumped and kissed her.  Nice huh?  I thought there were some good parenting skills on display there.   Not so much.  She would have you believe that I waved poo in her face. She screwed it up, shook her little head and said "NO", got up, walked off and that was that.  Me left sitting on the sofa kinda wondering what the hell had just happened.

I'm glad she's got some balls though, bodes well for the future and I wouldn't have it any other way.  The good thing is when it comes to bedtime she is equally as independent.  If we are taking too long about it and still haven't gone upstairs by 6:30pm she starts saying "nigh night" and walking towards the door.  Like, get the hint oldies!  Once upstairs she has her bath, her milk, gets into bed with Bruno and the boys and goes straight to sleep. Every time.  Golden.


  1. Sounds like a perfect little person to me!
    No wonder you are so in love with her... ;-).
    See you, Mirjamxxx

  2. She sounds adorable, I love those frilly tights,
    Sarah x

  3. Lovely read. Love her ♡ xxx

  4. Oh that little frilly bum ... she sounds just perfect ... Bee xx


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