national stationery week

This week is National Stationery Week. Yahoo!!!

Of course I need no excuse to surround myself with pretty stationery but just in case you do then this week is the week to jump on board, get your pencil cases out and get writing.

My top tips for cultivating a healthy relationship with your stationery cupboards drawer.

1. Find your favourite kind of pen and buy lots. My favourite pens are always fine point black ballpoints, I think they make my handwriting look neat.  I'm partial to the paperchase ones and even more partial to the good old orange bic biros!

2. Have lots of notebooks and journals.  Keep stuff in them or just stash them in a box under the bed for easy access to pretty notebook joy.  Note to would-be journal hoarders, do NOT let your husband look in the box. Ever!

3. Send letters and postcards to your friends.  Decorate your envelopes, use stickers, make people smile, especially the postman.

4. Keep a journal, write stuff down, draw something, have a doodle, make a list and watch your dreams come true.

5. Do not be afraid of using every colour in the book to make your point, just buy one of these pen sets and have some fun.

6. Never underestimate the power of the post-it note!

7. Find brands you love and enjoy them.  I'm a bit partial to Korean and Japanese stationery, you can get some lovely bits and bobs from here and here.

8. Do not be dissing the filofax.  Still fabulous, still relevant and with hoards of fans worldwide this is one brand that is not going out of fashion.  I love my filofax.

9. Love your stationery, get it out and flaunt it at every opportunity. Be a stationery snob and refuse to use tatty old notebooks or anything boring, bland and functional.  Say no to functionality.

10. Visit the National Stationery Week website and get inspired and do learn how to spell the damn word, my pet hate is people who love stationary!

In homage to my own stationery addiction I will be posting a suitably delicious stationery photo on instagram every day this week, you can follow all the action here and please note that this is not a sponsored post, although in the name of research I did feel it necessary to visit a number of well known stationery outlets and lust over their items of papery, pencily loveliness.

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  1. Hahaha, that's a healthy addiction you have there!!
    I love pretty pens, paper, notebooks etc. too....
    Have fun! Love from Mirjam.


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