on lists

I am a list junkie.

I make so many of the darn things you could almost call it a hobby.

I have a massive, totally geeky, list for the year, aka my resolutions, which basically tells me what I'm going to be doing for the year and as you will know from my previous post, this is how I ended up having a baby at 40 so them resolutions darn well work y'know.  This year's list has less lofty aspirations and includes wearing nice trainers (what?) and making my rather enormous (and not in a good way) garden look pretty.

I then break down my resolutions into monthly actions, yes I really do and no I don't have more time than sense I just find list-making quite relaxing, and this forms the basis of my weekly to-do list which I write every week on a Monday morning with a cup of tea. See, what did I tell you, list junkie.

To add to my list-loving fervour, I started this year with a wonderful journaling course and one of the techniques taught was writing lists. This was magic to my ears, the premise being that you can write a list about pretty much anything and use it to tap into your creativity and awaken your authentic self. So I feel validated in my addiction, I'm not the only one who believes in the magical power of lists, they are actually awesome.

One of the course tasks was to write a list of one hundred things you love about yourself.  100! Not one to shy away from a daunting task of self-absorption, I got to it with gusto and whilst it took a while; a whole evening sat at the dining table on my own and the odd "I have nice hair" entry, I have ended up with an inspiring list that makes me smile, laugh and even blush a little bit.  There is nothing quite like bigging yourself up.  I highly recommend you write your own "I love myself a hundred long times" list, it really is an instant pick-me-up, works about the same as a double shot of gin sunshine.

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Since being introduced to the concept I have now completed my hundred favourite words, my hundred favourite things to do and am halfway through and finding hard my hundred best memories, yeah, well, you try that one in your forties with a life of excess behind you!

I now find myself looking for list inspiration everywhere, this lady has got it all sorted out for the year and this book is a must.


  1. I have to try to make one of these lists!!!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  2. I've been making more lists lately as I find it's a good way of actually getting things done, it's satisfying to cross them off :) a hundred things is quite a lot! sure I could do it though :)x

  3. No way, NO WAY, could I list 100 things about myself I even like ... something about myself I don't like, the degree to which I resent my mother for her attitude when we were kids to what she called 'conceit' ... both my sister and I struggle to 'toot our own horns'.

    Lists generally though, those I can do, and then some.

    Loved this post Emma :)

  4. I love a list too, mostly for things to pack to go on holiday so not very exciting, sandals- check sunglasses - check... Blah blah xx


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