interviewing inspirational women

I recently had a big rant about what counts as an inspirational woman in the eyes of the warped and twisted media and I also recently discovered that I was a rampant feminist with a huge appreciation of rad females who take no shit and get stuff done. Well I decided to do something positive about that rant, my fury continued for too long to ignore, and went on the hunt for women who I think are inspirational and interviewed them.

Yes I did.

These are women who are doing stuff, enjoying life, being happy, creating things, setting up businesses, dealing with adversity, helping others and smiling lots sometimes in the face of extreme crap. They are determined to achieve their dreams and quietly getting on with stuff and living life to the full and their own rules.

I've got a wonderful selection of women who are willing to tell me all the stuff we want to know and the first interview is coming up in May, which is tomorrow so you don't have too long to wait. I'm so happy and very excited to be able to introduce these women to you and share their inspirational stories, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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cheerleading at 42

No I haven't donned a cute (and tiny) outfit and I definitely don't have any swishy pom poms although I kind of wish I did!

Instead I've started a sort of self-cheerleading campaign on myself, I'm in the habit of bigging myself up and it's really rather refreshing.

It happened shortly after I began to journal every day.  I noticed that if I write a whiney page of moan in the morning then I will tend to be a bit down in the dumps for the rest of the day. Conversely if I write something uplifting and happy then I'm usually happy for the rest of the day. It really is a simple as that.

It's changed the way I journal, changed the way I live, stopped me from complaining so much, it really has, and I was well versed in the art of a good old moan.

Being your own cheerleader is easy, you don't need money, good looks or friends in high places. You just need to be nice to yourself and tell yourself how great you are whenever you get the opportunity.  Yes, you need to do it for yourself because nobody else is going to do it for you so get your inner poms poms out and start doing some cheering and pretty soon you will be feeling pretty darn good.  I guarantee it.

It's not only a pleasant way to pass the time it also makes you feel good; it makes you happier, it makes you appreciate more and good things will just start to happen. Plus it will put a big fat smile on your face and that will make everyone around you smile and you will make the world a better place one big fat smile at a time. Serious stuff huh?!

You don't have to write a journal to cheerlead yourself, although it does help, just tell yourself how great you are every single day and definitely more than once a day and you're off. Hurrah!

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you are rad


If Elizabeth wasn't still in nappies I would frame this particular snippet of wisdom and put it right by her bed and repeat it to her every day just like Aibileen in The Help.

You is kind
You is smart
You is important
Don't ever let anyone tell you that you aren't rad as fuck!

My job as a parent would thus be complete.

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a very serious post

I was in the middle of writing a very serious post, full of insight, wisdom and clarity of thought and then this happened and major cuteness overload filled my head and I could no longer think of anything other than how squishy these little feet look and how many times I could look at them without scaring the girl with my slightly manic look of adoration and spontaneous squealing!


pink moon gone wild

Tonight's full moon is known as the pink moon.  How about that then? The first full moon of spring is pink and lovely, quite right too, we love pink in this house.

This pink moon is properly special though because tonight it goes wild with a full lunar eclipse which will turn the pink moon into the red moon and can you imagine the crazy that is going to manifest with that kind of phenomenon going on right above our heads?

Unfortunately we won't be able to see the lunar eclipse in the UK as it will be daylight here by the time it happens but you can watch it live here or on NASA's website. Meanwhile everyone in North and South America will get to see it for real in all its beautiful red glory.

There are those that say that the lunar eclipse is a harbinger of doom, especially because it is the first in a series of four, which is quite unusual and happens rarely. I reckon that some people just love the doom talk though and I won't have any of it, I think all this magical stuff is just our universe being awesome.

I try to be calm and happy on full moon day because it has a tendency to exaggerate any emotions I'm feeling and if I'm in a temper then I know for certain that I'll be huffing and spluttering and regretting saying something stupid by the morning. The full moon is for feeling balanced, abundant and peaceful.  It's also for reaping the rewards of your new moon intentions so sit back, relax and smile whilst watching your wonderful world unfold. Either that or go all out bat-shit crazy and finish your day off with all the other moon-crazies in A&E or, even better, a police cell.


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love as many things as possible

I am a perpetual lover of things.  I love so many things that sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed and unsure about what lovely thing to do next.

Pretty much all of my blog posts start with the words 'I love it' and I have on occasion considered myself to be somewhat fickle in my affections.  Fickle being a rather delicate word to describe a potential shallowness of character; flitting from one shiny thing to the next like a happy magpie is just my thing though and I'm quite pleased about that really.

I don't see loving as many things as possible as a bad thing, in fact I think it's rather good. Having a wide range of things you find lovely gives you a greater appreciation of the world around you and appreciation of anything is a sure-fire route to happiness.  Lena Dunham said in a recent interview that her parents "both have really healthy attitudes about their own bodies but also about the range of things that can be beautiful" and consequently the incredible Dunham feels able to do anything and feel wonderful because she knows that loveliness isn't constrained by narrow definitions especially not the Hollywood kind. I love that her parents did that for her.

Don't get me wrong, I look on with admiration at people who specialise in a particular 'thing', people who have a passion for a style, era, colour or trend. People whose houses, blogs, wardrobes and instagram are colour coordinated in perfect shades of white, cream and grey.  So classy, so serene, so perfect, so freaking unattainable for the scatterbrained likes of me.  I have to be surrounded by colour and life, all sorts of colour, all sorts of life but mainly a grubby toddler, a massive hairy dog and a little bit of mess. Yes, you see I have to feel like I'm living in a living space, not a shop window display, I have to be surrounded by lovely things to see and do.

Loving as many things as possible also means you can be easily charmed, easily uplifted and most definitely easily pleased.  This is a bonus when you have said grubby toddler to entertain on a daily basis because you find that she (and me) can be captivated by a plastic container full of pasta shells, of a jar of pretty pebbles.  Yep, no expensive jingly jangly toys in our house just dried pasta and pebbles from the beach. Rock on.

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