cheerleading at 42

No I haven't donned a cute (and tiny) outfit and I definitely don't have any swishy pom poms although I kind of wish I did!

Instead I've started a sort of self-cheerleading campaign on myself, I'm in the habit of bigging myself up and it's really rather refreshing.

It happened shortly after I began to journal every day.  I noticed that if I write a whiney page of moan in the morning then I will tend to be a bit down in the dumps for the rest of the day. Conversely if I write something uplifting and happy then I'm usually happy for the rest of the day. It really is a simple as that.

It's changed the way I journal, changed the way I live, stopped me from complaining so much, it really has, and I was well versed in the art of a good old moan.

Being your own cheerleader is easy, you don't need money, good looks or friends in high places. You just need to be nice to yourself and tell yourself how great you are whenever you get the opportunity.  Yes, you need to do it for yourself because nobody else is going to do it for you so get your inner poms poms out and start doing some cheering and pretty soon you will be feeling pretty darn good.  I guarantee it.

It's not only a pleasant way to pass the time it also makes you feel good; it makes you happier, it makes you appreciate more and good things will just start to happen. Plus it will put a big fat smile on your face and that will make everyone around you smile and you will make the world a better place one big fat smile at a time. Serious stuff huh?!

You don't have to write a journal to cheerlead yourself, although it does help, just tell yourself how great you are every single day and definitely more than once a day and you're off. Hurrah!

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  1. Hello Emma...I was just thinking about keeping a journal, other than my blog. Thanks for today's post. I will keep it in mind, about your thought today!

  2. ah love it! I always try to keep positive and happy, there's nothing wrong with telling ourselves we're fabulous!

  3. Thank you Emma!!!!!
    love and xxxxxx Ale


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