how we spend our days...

How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.

And this picture sums up the Annie Dillard quote to perfection. It might not look like much but this is a perfect snapshot of my life right now. This is how I spend my days.

This day was warm and sunny, not late-summer-hot but fresh and breezy early-summer-warm. I was walking down a busy road, forest on one side, posh boarding school grounds on the other. It was noisy with cars and birds competing and the odd thumping bass through an open car window. It smelled gorgeous; hot tarmac, exhaust fumes and great waves of sweet, fragrant azalea which filled the air with a honeysuckle-like scent. I was warm and happy with my girls, Elizabeth was warm and happy with her spotty sun hat on and holding the ever-present Bruno. Tilly was hot and happy, her black fur being ill-suited for sunny days but she never cares because as long as she's ahead of us and in the lead she is happy.

This is how I spend my life and I love it. I confess that I love it especially when it's warm, walking in the sunshine is one of life's best and greatest pleasures, but I walk every day regardless of the weather and it's satisfying to be a dog-walker because you get to see so much, so very much. The seasons are alive with change, with smells, with beauty and summer is here and she is bursting out of everywhere with aplomb and fury.

Today smelt of sweet, freshly-cut grass and the air was full of the sound of distant mowers.

Lawn mower is one of Betsy's new words. Along with helicopter, bit longer and noisy.

The blackberry bushes were heavy and pretty with their delicate, white flowers, bringing to mind our magical blackberry day out last year, collecting big, fat berries in a dog-poo bag and not caring because it was so worth it for the taste of the sweet, juicy berries, the look on Betsy's face as she ate them and the joy of blackberry crumble with custard later that evening.

I passed a beautiful, shocking pink and very wild rose that took my breath away. Again. Last year I was so enamoured of this rose that I snipped off some cuttings and have been growing them in pots in the garden with dubious success, mine don't look anything like the ones I saw today.

It's also giant daisy time. Every year I go mad for these massive, gorgeous giants. Every year I take a ton of photos and they all pretty much look the same, I must stop now, I have done daisy-gazing to death. I'm not sure if I can though, they are the most photogenic flowers ever.

This is a somewhat rambling and self-indulgent post. I make no apologies, I'm in love with life and it's when you have something magical like life to record that you realise having a blog is a grand thing. In time I shall look back and wonder where these days went and how they flew but for now I'm going to sit back with a cup of tea, enjoy them and be glad I've written the magic down to save for a rainy day.


  1. it's such a joy to read your words….
    kisses to all the girls!!!!
    xxxxxxx Ale

  2. What a joyful happy post ... just lovely ... enjoy these days ... Bee xx


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