when mice attack

We are under siege.

It is truly terrifying, scary and stand on a chair with my skirts pulled up scream-worthy.

A crazy ass mouse is stalking us and it's playing havoc with my nerves.

I've been seeing it now and then scampering about the garden at dusk and everything was fine with Mr Mouse being outside, all was fine. I would prefer him to bugger off but still F.I.N.E.

Then it happened. The mouse made it's move. He came into my house.

The cheeky bleeder just trotted right up the steps and into the house, I was sitting on my own in the dark watching telly and I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye and Mickey was boldly on his way in to my manor. I leapt up and shouted "Noooooo" thus scaring the little shit off, shot to the door, slammed the door, panted at the door and then ran, heart pounding in my chest, upstairs to tell on it to Darren.

Firstly I will say this, he did not and still does not believe me, I don't care what he says to the contrary, his inability to be freaked out at the thought of sharing our home with a rodent together with his relaxed "I don't give a shit" attitude have led me to realise that I am in this on my own.

Me against the mouse.

The mouse is doomed.

I will not stop until I am convinced that it has found a new family to terrorise.


  1. Oh!my ..... good job I live in Spain (mind you there are plenty of the vermin here!!) ....I don't want it in my house. I would have abandoned the house day or night if I had seen it! Like yourself I hate them ....I'll put up with a little lizard or two that sometimes loses its way and pops in through the window. After all they do eat the mozzies and they get out of the house as soon as they can! A mouse nooooo never!!! My daughter wanted a hamster when she was younger and I just couldn't contemplate it ....too rat like!!!
    Poor you!!!

    Happy hunting!

    Amanda xx

  2. You need a coal scuttle. I once dealt with a similar problem using a coal scuttle. I think perhaps I should say no more ;)


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