sharing summer with a one year old

It has been the best summer ever has 2014.

How ace that I got to spend it with my gorgeous, growing girl, we've been busy feasting off the full cupboard of life, romping in meadows, skipping through daisies, that kind of thing.

It is quite safe to say that Betsy has had the greatest summer a one year old could have, technically she has been 20 to 22 months so a bit older and more able to enjoy doing summer stuff, I know non-parents hate us saying "she's 22 months blah blah blah" rather than she is one but there is a massive difference in a 12 month old to a 22 month old so deal with it.

She has become a pro dog walker and swing swinger, proficient in French, lover of tarte aux framboises and in possession of the most amazing bouncy ball collection and summer wardrobe I've ever seen (thank the lord for h&m and her aunties Vicky and Emily). I love her dresses, skirts, patterns, pinkness and brightness, I'm gutted it's all going to get packed away and won't fit next year. She has a quite unique style of her own, in the way that toddler girls do, a combination of bizarre hat choices, upside down sunglasses, a bracelet obsession and her habit of carrying a bear with her wherever she goes.

erm nothing to see here, move along
She loves walking, which is a good thing given that it's the main thing that we do and given that we have a giant dog to exercise regularly. It's our 'thing' is walking, we walk mornings, we walk afternoons, we walk up the road, round the park and if stopped by the evil that is a rainy day (you have to be a parent of a toddler to appreciate the bad juju a rainy day brings), we are flummoxed, stumped, bored, left twiddling our fingers. She is quite tall and very slim even though she eats enough pasta to sink a battleship most days, I think all the walking burns what she eats off, not to mention the running ("race you mummy"), ball kicking ("you kick it") and Tilly chasing she does.

She loves Peppa Pig (what kid doesn't), her wellies, her mama and her daddy, Bruno and Bunny, apples, sleep, chocolate buttons, blueberries and yoga, man does she ever do a mean downward facing dog. She happily goes down for her nap at twelve, sleeps for two to three hours and then happily goes off to bed again at seven, she loves baths, showers, swimming and colouring.

bunny and bruno are swingers
She does not like being off routine, gets all confused and grumpy, she doesn't like jelly, giving kisses or having her nappy changed when she's had a pooh (?), she is fierce and independent, confused by ice lollies, not cuddly in the slightest, chatty, polite and full of energy. I love everything about her.

She has a curl that kills me every. single. day. I love it, it's the most commented on thing about her, the killer curl. Sometimes I'm half tempted to cut the gorgeous thing off and keep it in a box for a forever memory but it becomes her, it's her statement, her gorgeous, lovely statement so it remains and maybe one day there will be more curls and I can cut one off and not feel like I'm snipping a little piece of personality away.

I'm sensing a pink theme, are you sensing a pink theme? We like pink in this house.

What I will say about sharing summer with a one year is this. I am knackered, we are knackered. We are like her servants, following her around and providing for her every whim, she is exhausting because she is so full of energy and life. I feel bad sometimes that I'm so old and so knackered, I would like to keep up with her but honestly the girl got some super strength life force going on and I'm struggling. I would like some sleep, I need some more sleep, have fantasies about sleep, I would sell a kidney for some sleep and she isn't even that early a riser so that tells you something about what it feels like to have a toddler when you're in your forties!

In conclusion I know I'm the lucky one, I know I have many more exhausting days and sleepless nights ahead of me but they are going to be so bloody worth it so I put my slap on to cover the bags, drink a gallon of tea every morning and just get on with my job.


  1. Yes my dear : you are such a lucky girl!!!!! ;oD
    xxxxxx Ale

  2. I love that curl too :-)!
    What a great little human being your daugter is.... Such a character!
    Love from Mirjam.


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