the last few august photo challenge pictures

I did it. I completed a photo challenge and am suitably amazed because I'm usually such a lazy arse about these things.

Occasionally, and more often than is acceptable to my self-imposed, often ridiculous high personal standards, I'll start projects and then get bored halfway through; can't be bothered, forget, fanny about doing other things, procrastinate and since having a baby, who I swear sucked all the brains out of me, am unable to summon the mental energy required to complete the most simple of tasks.

Argh some days were definitely harder than others, the selfie day was the worst, I hate the shit out of them bitches. I wasn't keen on the jump day either, tried to get a shot of Darren jumping and it was an epic fail, or the my guilty pleasure day because I don't feel guilty about my pleasures cos life is way to short for guilt isn't it. Yep.

Anyway my favourite picture is the last one. Me and my love.

For soft, well there isn't one thing softer than this gal.

Nature excited me so much I took two pictures. One of an apple tree that we walk past every day on our afternoon walk that Betsy is obsessed with "apple, apple, apple, apple, apple" soon as we get to the apple and I hold her up to it so she can touch it, she freaks out, her head turns away and "you do it mummy" hmm.

Then this moment presented itself in the park. Too good to miss and dog photo bombed as well, brilliant.

That's me done then. I completed the challenge and am well pleased with the results and with myself. What I love most is that it provides a snapshot of my life in August 2014 that I will treasure forever.

It shows my life, how I'm living right now; all toddler, dog, toddler, husband, writing, toddler and a smattering of pretty stuff. I only wish it hadn't taken me this long to getting round to doing a photo challenge. Probably just make it an annual event though, still lazy.


  1. with great enthusiasm and admiration : BRAVA !!!!!!!
    love, xxxxx Ale

  2. I love all those pretty pictures together...
    Especially the one with you three on it :-).
    Love from Mirjamxxx


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