a new venture

I have a new home for this blog, this blog I love so much.

After three years of writing The Blooming Times, I was surprised to find that I wanted to keep on writing regularly and also that I had the time(!) and wanted to expand and do new things that wouldn't work so well in this blogspot space. So after much deliberation I have decided to move to a dedicated domain, www.potterandbloom.com, and a new host, squarespace.

I have loved this blogger host, it could not have been kinder. It's such an easy system to use especially for complete blogging novices such as me, three years ago, green at the gills and more than a bit stupid and confused. Blogger is not only completely free but I have never had a problem with it, not one, in all the time I've been using it. It's fair to say that I will be sad to see it go.

But my new space is just fricking awesome! I love it and I love my new name which is a combination of my real and my blogging surnames (I have a blogging surname, I'm such a dick!). I've got new stuff going on; a compilation of all my favourite quotes called love notes, a free 100 lovely lists workbook for subscribers, a new facebook page and all manner of stuff and nonsense.

I hope you will be happy to join me over at Potter & Bloom. You can follow me on all the usual readers such as Feedly and Bloglovin or alternatively you can subscribe by email thus never missing an issue.

It's been a ball.

Peace. Out.


  1. Wow Emma, you are all grown up now ;-)! Potter and Bloom sounds like a fantastic brand!
    I follow you anywhere so I 'll see you there, love from Mirjam.


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